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Q: How far did edward john Eyre travel?
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Why did Edward John Eyre travel across the Great Australian Bight?

Edward John Eyre did not travel across the Great Australian Bight. He was not a seafaring explorer. He travelled across the Nullarbor Plain, which is the desert area north of the Great Australian Bight. Eyre hoped to be the first to cross Australia from south to north. He was unlucky enough to find his way blocked by saltpans as far as he could see, so assumed - incorrectly - that the entire inland of Australia was a huge horseshoe shaped salt lake. He did not realise that there were breaks between the lakes. Because he was unable to travel north, he was determined to achieve something new for the colony of South Australia. This is why he chose to be the first to make the crossing from east to west.

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When was Lake Eyre in Australia last full?

Lake Eyre last filled during 2010, following a heavy monsoonal season in far north Queensland, which fed the rivers and creeks that empty into Lake Eyre.

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In which towns in Australia is Lake Eyre found?

Lake Eyre has a far bigger surface area than any town or city in Australia, therefore it cannot be located in any town. The nearest town to Lake Eyre is Marree.

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What did Edward John Eyre search for in 1840?

in 1840, Eyre initially searched for a route to the northern coast from Adelaide. Eyre left Adelaide in June 1840 to explore north towards the centre of Australia. He did not get very far as he was blocked by salt lake after salt lake: each time he attempted to go around a salt lake, he found his way barred by yet another. This led to Eyre's theory that Adelaide was surrounded by a vast horseshoe-shaped salt lake. By sheer bad luck, Eyre was unable to locate any of the breaks between the numerous salt-lakes which encircled him. Following this unsuccessful attempt, Eyre returned to Streaky Bay, on the western coast of the Eyre Peninsula. At Fowler's Bay, he chose to go west to find an overland route from Adelaide to Albany, something which no-one had ever tried before. He finally reached Albany in June 1841 in an amazing journey of courage and endurance across the Nullarbor Plain.

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No. Crocodiles do not live that far south, nor that far inland. Nor would crocodiles be able to handle the conditions in and around Lake Eyre, given that it is a salt sink which is dry for the better part of every decade.

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