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Q: How far did the treaty of Paris 1763 influenced the outbreak of the America war of independence?
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What was the treaty in which America independence was recognized by great Britain?

The Treaty of Paris of 1783.

What territory was gained by the US under the treaty of Paris of 1783?

Treaty of Paris of 1783, brought about the end of the war of independence between America and Britain - recognising the independence of America.

When did America have complete independence from England?

The United States of America claimed independence in 1776 with the Declaration of Independence, however we were not free from British control until the Treaty of Paris was signed in 1783.

At what time did America gain its independence?

It began fighting in 1775. Independence was declared in 1776. The British accepted American independence by the Treaty of Paris in 1783.

What document was signed at the end of the American Revolution and recognized the independence of America?

The Treaty of Paris.

What document was signed at the end of the American Revolution and recognized the independence of America.?

The Treaty of Paris.

How did the Treaty affect French power in North America?

They lost the battle, so North America became independence; meaning that they dont have to depend from the French.

Who did the treaty of paris grant independence to-?

The Treaty of Paris, which brought an end to the Spanish-American War, granted independence to Cuba. The treaty was signed in 1898.

Was great britain recognized the united states as an independent nation in the treaty of london?

The independence of the United States of America was recognized in the Peace of Paris in 1783.

What treaty ended the American war of Independence?

the treaty of paris.

What was the treaty that confirmed US independence?

It was called "the treaty of Paris"

What jobs did Benjamin Franklin have?

Benjamin Franklin was a printer, writer, scientist, inventor, and the only one of the Founding Fathers who signed the Declaration of Independence, the treaty that ended America's war for independence and the Constitution.

What was the treaty that ended the war of independence?

If you mean the American War of Independence, the answer is the Treaty of Paris that was signed between 1780 and 1783.

Which country won its independence with the Treaty of Versailles?

Poland won its independence from Germany with the Treaty of Versailles. Czechoslovakia was also recognized as an independent country. The Treaty of Versailles was passed in 1919.

Which was signed first the treaty with France or the deceleration of independence?

the independence

Where was the us independence treaty signed?

The Congress of the United States of America ratified the Treaty of Paris (written 1783) and signed it in January, 1784. King George of England signed the treaty in April, 1784, and the signed treaties were exchanged in Paris in May, 1784.

What happened after the Revolutionary War?

the American nation became independent because the treaty of Paris was signed.America gained independence from Britain.

What had officially ended the American revolution?

The Treaty of Paris, signed on Sept. 3, 1783, that formally acknowledged the Independence of the United States of America.

How did the Filipinos react to the Treaty of Paris in 1899?

They weren't to happy with the idea of America ruling them since the whole point of helping the united states was to gain there independence!

Was the treaty of Paris signed first than the declaration of independence?

The Declaration of Independence was signed in 1776, and the Treaty of Paris was signed in 1783

What document gave America its independence?

In 1783, the Treaty of Paris was the document whereby the American colonies's independence was affirmed. The treaty gave official recognition to the new nation put into development by the 1776 Declaration of Independence. All British territory east of the Mississippi River to the Atlantic coast that Great Britain had laid claim to was granted to the new American nation.

What influenced the Treaty of Versaillies?

Money and revenge

What is the difference between The Declaration of Independence and the Treaty of Paris?

The Declaration of Independence showed what the patriots wanted, and the Treaty of Paris made the dream real.

Which came first the Treaty of Paris or the Declaration of Independence?

The Treaty of Paris was the treaty whereby Great Britain recognized the American colonies as an independent nation. This was well after the 1776 publication of the Declaration of Independence.

How did the Treaty of Paris impact America?

How did the Treaty of Paris impact America? it created America