How far does a bow and arrow shoot?

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The answer to this depends on the design of both the bow and the arrow, as well some factors not under the control of any human (such as wind, humidity, temperature, etc); because of the distances involved, flight shooting competitions are held outdoors.

In flight shooting, where the object is to shoot an arrow as far as possible, distances of up to 1222 meters (1336 yards) or more are achieved; the arrows are designed to be extremely light-weight, but strong enough to withstand the forces exerted on them when the bowstring is released. As of 2008, the FITA Men's record distance for a hand-held bow was 1222.01 meters, by Don Brown of the U.S.A. ("unlimited" division of the Conventional Flight bow category), on the 2nd of August 1987.

The FITA Men's record distance for any type of bow (again, as of 2008) was 1410.87 meters, by Harry Drake of the U.S.A. ("unlimited", Footbow category) on the 6th of October 1979.

Note: These record figures are only for FITA flight shooting competitions. There are other flight shooting competitions held/sponsored by other archery organizations around the world, and the World Record Flight Distance may have been achieved by someone at one of those other competitions, or even the 2009 FITA Flight Competition.
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How do you shoot a bow and arrow?

To shoot a bow and arrow in Minecraft, use your mouse and rightclick to pull back the bow and hold it until the bow string is heldback all the way, then when you are ready, release it!

Why does your arrow kick sideways when you shoot your recurve bow?

You could be plucking the bow string, make sure to shoot with your finger tips only, remain still (arms, body and head)and release the string off the tips. Your arrow rest could be protruding to much, causing the arrow to richochet off it. Your arrow could be to thin for the poundage of the bow, cau ( Full Answer )

What are bow and arrows?

A bow is a weapon commonly used by hunters and archers. It can be made from numerous materials and it fires an arrow. The bow and arrow were commonly used during the middle ages as defensive and hunting weapons.

Are there any laws in Massachusetts about shooting a bow and arrow?

It is very important that you call your local police department and ask. In my town it is considered a firearm and is only legal on private land when used 150ft from a public way and 500 ft from any dwelling. If it is not your land you must get written permission from the land owner. If used for hun ( Full Answer )

How far can a normal compound bow shoot?

It depends on the draw weight of your bow .I have an older modelPSE Mach 8...set up for what I estimate at 65 pound draw weight. Ibelieve with the Easton Gamegetter arrow, I may be shooting atsomething around 250 feet per second. In my pasture, at about 45degrees launch, I can pusg that arrow only a ( Full Answer )

How do you shoot arrows using bows?

The principle works off the leverage worked up when pulling back on the bow string, all the force of the leverage is concentrated into one point - the end of the arrow, when the bow string is released all the compressed energy sends the arrow flying through the air.

What are bows and arrows?

A bow is a weapon that projects arrows powered by the elasticity of the bow. As the bow is drawn, energy is stored in the limbs of the bow and transformed into rapid motion when the string is released, with the string transferring this force to the arrow. Bows are used for hunting, sport (target s ( Full Answer )

How far can a ballista shoot an arrow?

There is no specific answer to that question since there are far too many variables involved. A ballista relies on spring torsion for its power, so it follows that the materials used in making the arms and the degree of torsion applied will impact on range; the elevation and weight of the bolt ( ( Full Answer )

How do you get the bow and arrows?

If you are referring to the profile badge, that comes with being supervisor of a category. Category supervisors try to keep clean anywhere from 1 category with less than 50 questions to more than 10 categories with thousands of questions.

What is the best hunting arrow to shoot with your mission compound bow?

The key to a clean release is back tension. Pulling with your finger causes you to anticipate the shot and lose good form. Applying trigger pressure with your finger is okay to begin with, but as you extend further back, it is important to use your back and arm muscles to pull the trigger.

How far can a compound bow shot a arrow?

It really depends on the shooting style of archer and the draw weight of the bow. Typically, a 90lb compound bow can easily shoot over 300 yards. For Sighted Shooting with aiming aid, compound bow can easily shoot about 80 yard without problem. As least it's to my case. My bow is 65 pound and ca ( Full Answer )

How do you get the bow and arrow?

if you live close by to any sports equipment store like outdoor world then the have a entire section for bows and arrows. well that's how it is usually. the real good quality ones are around 200-300 dollars. if you don't have one of these stores close by then you can go on eBay or http:// ( Full Answer )

Ten steps in shooting a bow and arrow?

1. Assuming the stance. 2.Positioning the bow arm and grip. 3.Nocking. 4.Drawing 5.Anchoring. 6.Relaxing. 7.Aiming. 8.Concentrating. 9.Releasing. 10.Follow-through

Can you shoot a bow and arrow under water?

It can be done. However, the characteristics of how the arrow travels underwater will be substantially different than how it flies through the air.

Bow and arrow what is middle of bow called?

The middle of the bow is called the belly. If you have a recurve bow ( a dismantable bow if you didn't know that curves up at the ends) then there are three parts; upper limb, lower limb, and of course the belly. Enjoy...

Did colt make bow and arrows?

Yes, Colt did make bows and arrows for a short period of time (from 1961 to 1967) but they do not anymore.

Who discovered bow and arrow?

Honestly, nobody knows for sure. The earliest bow fragments were discovered in Germany, but it is believed that the first bows may have been from Africa. I remember a story I was told when I was young of a hunter walking through the jungle with his spear. He was surprised when he happened upon an an ( Full Answer )

What was a Maya bow and arrow made out of?

I don't know if we can talk about a Maya bow. Their climatic conditions varied (allover their territories) much more than the ones of the Asian steppe people. For the rainy regions, the bows must have been self bows as traditional glues would not have hold. So, wooden "primitive" bows. Since they di ( Full Answer )

Stores that sells bows and arrows?

There isn't one that sells a bow, as this is obtained in the Goron Mines. But there's a few stores that sell arrows, like the Goron Hotspring Market.

Where did Apollo's bow and arrow come from?

Hera was jealous of Leto, mother of Apollo and Artemis by Zeus, and sent the great dragon Python to kill her. In order to protect his mother, Apollo begged Hephaestus, the blacksmith god, for a bow and arrows and then proceeded to kill the beast. He was only four days old at the time, but he had gro ( Full Answer )

Which PS3 move game do you see them shooting a bow and arrow?

It is one game that comes on the demo disk when and if you buy the PS3 move starter pack, The demo disk comes with 9 games. Also to play the bow and arrow game you need 2 PS3 move controllers. Or you could just use one. I've played it with just one. It asks you if you have two controllers or ju ( Full Answer )

Why was Artemis' symbol the bow and arrow?

Artemis' symbol was the bow and arrow because she was the goddess of the hunt and back in Ancient Greece, arrows were the weapons most commonly used in hunting.

Where do you get a bow and arrow?

after you beat one of the fire temple's mini boss's go left or right and you will find a chest then you find it

Are there laws for shooting a bow and arrow in Illinois?

There are laws regulating almost any and every activity within the State of Illinois, especially when it concerns, guns, bows, and wildlife. In addition to Statewide laws, there are also a wiode range of local laws and/or ordinances that must be consulted. Here are the basic laws in the State of Ill ( Full Answer )

How do you make a bow as in bow and arrow?

They are many forms of Bows and Arrows upon Runescape but the generally speaking you need to be a member, simply go too runescape website then click "Upgrade Now" it doesn't cost alot and I recommend getting it if you are a dedicated player. To make a Bow you need 3 things; 1) A Log (Log, Oak Log, ( Full Answer )

How hard is it to shoot an arrow from a bow?

well i tryed it once and it was hard but i got use to it what u gotta do is get the bow and arrow then put the arrow in the bow then u release and woosh there it goes

How do you shoot an bow an arrow?

To shoot a bow and arrow you take the notch of your arrow and put it on the bow string. Then you grab the handle with your weaker arm of the bow and grab the string with the other hand. Hold the arrow between your middle finger and pointer finger. Then you rest the arrow on your hand or handle of th ( Full Answer )

What are bows used for as in bow and arrow?

Bows and arrows were mainly used to hunt and to fend off enemies to defend their tribe but, the bow was the thing that shot the arrow which is a sharp stick with a metal point.

What sport do you shoot each other with bows and arrows?

The game is called Archery Tag. It utilizes custom-engineered foam tips, making it safe and fun for players of all ages. People often ask if it hurts & what kind of limbs are used. The answers to these questions depend on who is asking. According to some opinions, it does not hurt, but others expr ( Full Answer )

Can you shoot ten arrows from one bow?

no it is impossible It is possible if you have a very large arrow rest for all 10 arrows, but all the arrows would be slow and falling short because the same energy is now shared by 10 arrows.

How do you shoot a bow and arrow with out hurting your hands?

If you are talking about it hurting your fingers when you pull back, then I would suggest using a release. You can by one almost anywhere. Most likely a sports center like Cabelas or Scheels. If you are hurting your arm when you let go of the string then you can prevent that by making sure your arm ( Full Answer )

Is it bow and arrows or bow arrows?

its sword. No no, it just wouldn't have been the same "I was an adventurer like you until I took a sword to the knee" Seriously a bow is the device that looses or launches (NOT fires) the arrow, which is the missile part. Thus Bow and arrow(s).

How far can you shoot an arrow?

It depends how hard you practice and how good you are at the activity. There is no exact answer until you find out for yourself.

How do you do a bow and arrow?

I am answering this assuming you have a heal stretch. If you do notalready have a heal stretch then look up Gabi Butlers videos onyoutube for help stretching. If you have a heal stretch do a frontstretch and then take your arm closest to the foot you are liftingand put it in front of your leg. Hope ( Full Answer )