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I was on it today (4-3-08) and noticed they have opened another section recently. From Industrial Prkwy, in Jasper, to where the new section meets US 78 in Graysville. At that point it dumps you back onto US 78.

I may see this thing completed before I die yet.

I was on US 78 yesterday (3/20/10), and this portion has now been completed to Coalburg Rd in the Birmingham area about 2.5 miles short of reaching I-65. From that point, it is about 2 miles down to Daniel Payne Dr and then about 0.75 miles to I-65. It greatly improves the trip through Birmingham.

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Q: How far has construction of US Highway 78 future Interstate 22 progressed between Jasper Alabama and Birmingham Alabama?
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How far has construction of US Highway 78 future Interstate 22 progressed between Jasper Alabama and Birmingham Alabama as of March 2008?

It goes the full length between suburban Memphis and suburban Birmingham. It is about 5 miles shy of Interstate 65 and they are working to make ready for it by at least 2010

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