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The distance from Sandy Point, Bahamas to Hope Town, Abaco, Bahamas is 41.8 miles. This is equal in distance to 67.27 kilometers.

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In a race from point x to point y and back jack averages 30 miles per hour to point y and 10 miles per hour back to point x sandy averages 20 miles per hour in both directions who wins?

Sandy won the race.Jack: Runs at 30 mph to Y and at 10 mph back to X. So his avg. speed is given by the formula (2ab)/(a+b) i.e. 15 mphSandy: Runs at 20 mph to Y and at 20 mph back to X. So his avg. speed is 20 mphSo only Sandy wins the race.Hope I'm correct....... Pls consult with your colleagues.....

What is the approximate distance from makkah to madinah?

It is approximately 210 miles. Actual distance is 209 miles. Hope this helped. Have a blessed day :)

What is the distance between the Canary Islands and Japan?

If traveling east, the distance is 7651 miles, or 6648 nautical miles. Hope this helps!

What is the driving distance between Dallas TX and Hope AR?

The driving distance from Dallas, Texas to Hope, Arkansas is about 210 miles.

Distance from calais to Troyes in miles?

it is 208 miles....or 334.67 kilometers. hope i waz a help!

The Distance between earth and other planets?

Chosen by VotersJupiter is 964 million farthest point mercury is 48 million miles closet pointvenus is 23.7 million miles at its' closet pointmars is 36 million miles closet pointSaturn is about 100billion miles closet pointuranus is about 2.57 billion closet pointneptune is about 4.4 billion km closet pointPluto is about 4.2 billion km. and this is when earth is farthest from the sunand the earth and the sun is 93million miles.hope that helps

How many miles is it from Portugal to the Cape of Good Hope?

The straight line distance is approximately 5200 miles.

Distance between Baltimore MD and New Hope?

The distance between these two places is 139 miles. This distance is only approximate. This is not exact distance.

Distance between England and Egypt?

2646.62 air miles. Hope i helped :)

What is the driving distance between Boulder CO and Hope AR?

about 1000 miles

How far is china from the north pole?

China is a large country covering nearly 10 million square kilometres. So I hope that you understand that the distance from the North Pole to its northern-most point is kind of different from the distance form the pole to the southernmost point. There is, therefore, no simple answer to your question.

How many miles is it between Orkney and Glasgow?

(Taking the St Margaret's Hope - Gills Bay ferry to Highland) The distance between the start point and the destination is 332 miles, and will take approximately 8 hours of driving time.

How many miles is it from Barrow Alaska to Point Hope Alaska?

Approximately 400 miles as the crow flies.

What is the difference between epicenter and earthquake?

An earthquake can reach several miles in distance, but the epicenter is the point of the strongest movement, usually the starting point from which it spreads. Also, the epicentre is on the ground directly above the focus. The focus is the point where the actual earthquake occurred. Hope this helped:)

What is earths distance from the sun in km?

93,000,000/ 93 million miles hope that helped! ^^

What is the distance from Las Vegas Nevada to Washington DC?

The distance from Las Vegas To DC is approximately 2420 miles. Hope that helped =)

What is the distance between New York and antigua?

The distance between New York and Antigua approximately 1742 miles. Hope this helps you !

What is the distance from catal huyuk to eridu?

The distance from Catal Huyuk to Eridu is approximately 1430 kilometers (887 miles). I hope this helped you!

What is the distance in miles from New Haven CT to Savannah GA?

The distances in miles from New Haven, Ct. and Savannah, Ga is 887 miles. Hope this helps!

Where sandy soil is found?

Sandy soil can be found in Australia. Hope this answer is usefull! By: Roxy!

What is the driving distance from Bob Hope Airport Burbank CA to Lancaster CA?

About 60 miles.

What is the distance between Denver Colorado to Santa Fe New Mexico?

It is 287 miles by air, 395 miles by highway. You can check any driving time or flight distance here: Hope that helps.--kwcIt is 394.89 miles according to MapQuest.

What is the distance from London England to Taiwan?

The distance between London, United Kingdom and Taiwan, is about 6117.44 miles or 9844.80 kilometres. I hope that helped =] .

What is the driving distance from Des Moines ia. to good hope il.?

The driving distance with the shortest travel time is about 211 miles.

What is the driving distance in miles between Dallas TX and Long Beach CA?

The driving distance between Dallas, TX and Long Beach, CA is 1450 miles. Hope this helps! -- David