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Q: How far in miles is it from Los Angeles California to Sofia Bulgaria?
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How many miles is it from England to Sofia Bulgaria?

London England to Sofia Bulgaria distance is: 2437 kilometers

How many miles between Phoenix and Sofia -bulgaria?

Phoenix, Az to Sofia, Bul is approx 7220 miles or 11,619 Km.

How many miles between Nairobi to Sofia?

Between Nairobi, Kenya, and Sofia, Bulgaria, there are 3,152 miles.

How far is to Devon UK from Sofia Bulgaria?

The flight distance from Exeter International Airport (in Devon) to Sofia, Bulgaria is 1,380 miles.

What is the distance between Warsaw and Sofia?

Warsaw Poland, to Sofia Bulgaria is 669.23 miles

How many miles from Bulgaria to US?

There are 4,918 miles between Sofia, Bulgaria, and Washington D.C. MD, USA.

What is the distance from Istanbul Turkey to Sofia Bulgaria?

total driving distance from Sofia, Bulgaria to Istanbul, Turkey is 350 miles or 563 kilometers.

How many flight miles from Sofia to Honolulu?

The flight distance from Sofia, Bulgaria to Honolulu International Airport is about 8,030 miles.

What is the distance from Sofia Bulgaria to Chicago Illinois?

in km or miles

Exactly in kilometers how far is Athens Greece from Sofia Bulgaria?

The air distance in kilometers from Sofia, Bulgaria, to Athens, Greece, is 525 kilometers. That equals 326 miles or 284 nautical miles.

How many miles from Liverpool to Bulgaria?

Liverpool to Sofia (Bulgaria) is 1729 miles. Route for driving is thr. E40, E 70

How many miles from Sofia Bulgaria to blacksburg Virginia?

Approx 5170 miles direct.

What is the distance from Sofia Bulgaria to Volos Greece?


How many miles between England and Bulgaria?

Road Distance between London. UK to Sofia, Bulgaria is 1250 miles- 2012 km

How many miles from Leamington spa England to Sofia Bulgaria?

1.341 miles as the crow flies.

How far is it from Sofia to Vienna by plane in miles?

The air distance from Sofia, Bulgaria, to Vienna, Virginia, is 4,938 miles. That equals 7,948 kilometers or 4,291 nautical miles.

How far is it from Bulgaria to Dalaman Turkey?

Sofia - Istanbul 502 km (302 miles) Istanbul - Dalaman 472 km (393 miles) ------------------------------------ Total Road Distance from Sofia - Dalaman is 974 (say around 1000 kilometers) NB. Sofia is the capital of Bulgaria*

What is the distance between Dundee Scotland and Sofia Bulgaria?

Approximately 1526 miles.

What is the driving distance from Stuttgart to Sofia?

The driving distance from Stuttgart, Germany to Sofia, Bulgaria is 973 miles / 1,565 km.

Colwyn to Sofia-bulgaria -how many miles?

1,795 miles

How far is it from Portland Oregon to Bulgaria?

Portland, Oregon to Bulgaria : to Sofia (capital city)-6000 miles; to Varna(main port city) 6053 miles

How far is it from Bulgaria to Los Angeles?

6658 miles

How far away is Bulgaria to the US?

From capital to capital. Washington DC to Sofia metropol: Distance from USA to Bulgaria is: 4937.7 Miles. (7946.5 Kilometers / 4287.9 Nautical Miles) Approximate travel time from Washington DC, USA to Sofia, Bulgaria is 10 hrs, 15 mins.

Distance Sofia - istanbul by air?

The air distance from Sofia, Bulgaria, to Istanbul, Turkey, is 314 miles. That equals 505 kilometers or 273 nautical miles.

How many miles are there to Bulgaria from England?

Distance from Bulgaria to UK is: 1250.7 Miles( 2012.9 Kilometers / 1086.1 Nautical Miles )Approximate flight duration time from Sofia, Bulgaria to London, UK is 2 hrs, 36 mins