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Q: How far is Bosnia from Japan?
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How far from St. Louis to Bosnia?

around 6000 miles

How far is it from America to Bosnia?

About 5600 miles (8960 kilometers).

How far is Japan?

How Far is Japan from where? Be more specific loser.

How far is Japan away from Japan?

It's like a million and 64 miles away JAPAN IS NOT FAR FROM JAPAN, in fact that is where it is.

How far is Japan from Asia?

Japan is in Asia.

Who is richer Japan or Philippines?

Japan, by far.

How far is Canton Ohio to Tokyo Japan?

How far away is Tokyo Japan from Marion OH?

How far is it to get to maui from Japan?

It is 3,800 miles to get to maui from japan

How far inland did the 2011 japan tsumami reach?

it reach far far in

How far in miles is Japan from Japan?

Not very far. This was not the question that was meant to be asked. (good alternates have been removed)

How far is south jersey from Japan?

very far ;D

How far is Tokyo from Misawa?

How far is it from Tokyo to misawa japan

How far is Japan from Guam?

It is about 1559.8 Miles from Japan (Tokyo) to Guam.

How far is okinawa Japan from yokosuka Japan?

3 hours by plane

How far is Tokyo Japan from Yokohama Japan?

They are 17.20 miles apart

How far from Osaka Japan to okinowa Japan?

it takes about 2hours by plane.

Which region is Japan in?

Japan is in the region of the Far East (East Asia).

How far is Japan from Pearl Harbor?

it is 18 hour to get to japan to pearl harbor

How far away is England from Japan?

from England to japan it is about 3 million miles

How far is it from Tokyo Japan to Kyoto Japan?

About 500~600Km(804.65~965.58mi).

How far away is the Pacific Ocean from japan?

Japan is located in the Pacific ocean

How far is it from Osaka Japan to Kobe Japan?

It's about 30 min by train.

How far is Louisiana from Japan?

Louisiana is 6,880 miles (11,100 kilometers) from Japan.

Was Bosnia in World War 2?

yes, Bosnia fought Hitler's Nazis with the Yugoslavian army since Bosnia was part of Yugoslavia back then. Bosnia won. yes, Bosnia fought Hitler's Nazis with the Yugoslavian army since Bosnia was part of Yugoslavia back then. Bosnia won.

Why is bosnia named bosnia and herzegovina?

Bosnia is one region, Herzegovina is another. Or simply Bosnia, is a country in Southeastern Europe.