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How far is Copenhagen airport to Copenhagen port?

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10 to 15 km (7- 10 miles)

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It depends on the distance between the airport and the port. So I will advise you to ask that question first, here on wikianswers.

no. about 30min by train or taxi

The airport code for Copenhagen Airport is CPH.

Copenhagen Airport was created in 1925.

Copenhagen Kastrup is the main international airportserving Copenhagen

2,5 km to e.g. Kongens Nytorv

theres only one airport in copenhagen: CPH airport in kastrup copenhagen. But there are more airports in Denmark

If you mean "Langelinie" where all the cruise ships come in, only about 5-10min in a bus or taxi

There is only 1 airport in Copenhagen.

yes and no :) Is there a taxi station at Copenhagen port for a passenger to call early in the morning at about 6.00 AM. yes and no :) If it's impossible, is it necessary for the passenger to make a reservation before the date before the disbarking date? How to do that?

'Copenhagen port' is not a welldefined location, but if you mean where the cruise ships leave from then the answer is : If you have heavy luggage you'll have to go by taxi. Otherwise, you can take the Metro at the airport, change to S-train (=regional train) e.g. line 'B' northbound, get off at Nordhavn Station and walk (I guess) approx. 500 meters.

Approx 13 km, or 25 min by taxi (out side peak hour).

from the airport in kastrup to kgs. nytorv (kings square) there is 14,73 km, Cirka 14 Min. by car

It is an estimated 20 miles between the Miami Airport and the port of Miami. The estimated drive time is 20 to 25 minutes.

The Port of Copenhagen - 1913 was released on: USA: 22 March 1913

one... Copenhagen airport in Kastrup, its a small city

The airport code for Port Alfred Airport is AFD.

The airport code for Port Meadville Airport is MEJ.

The airport code for Port Pirie Airport is PPI.

The airport code for Port Hardy Airport is YZT.

The airport code for Port Bouet Airport is ABJ.

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