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Q: How far is Cyprus to Greece?
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Which country in Europe has the hottest temperatures?

Cyprus is by far the hottest country in Europe. Cyprus is then followed by Greece and Malta respectively.

Is Cyprus closer to Greece or to Turkey?

Cyprus is nearer to turkey then Greece

What is the nearest country north of Egypt?

If you are heading due north from Egypt you will hit Cyprus, Turkey or Greece depending how far east or west you are. Of those three, Cyprus is closest to Egypt.

Who controls the island of Cyprus?

Greece and Cyprus

Is it possible to catch a ferry from Cyprus to Greece?

There used to be ferries from Greece to Cyprus, but they have generally been discontinued. The best way to get from Greece to Cyprus is by plane flight.

Does Cyprus and Greece has the same national anthem?

Cyprus does not have its own national anthem. Cyprus uses the National Anthem of Greece and the National Anthem of Turkey.

Is that Mount Olympus in Greece or Cyprus?


You have nova Cyprus and you want to change it to nova Greece is this possible?

nova Greece is illegal in Cyprus, so there is no official way to do it

How long does the Ferry from Cyprus to Greece take?

Passenger Ferries have not operated between Greece and Cyprus for over ten years.

Is Cyprus nearer Greece or Turkey?

The Cyprus Island is located in the eastern end of the Mediterranean Sea which Turkey has borders with. So, Cyprus is much closer to Turkey than it is to Greece.

What is the island between Greece and Turkey?

Cyprus. ---- Definitely not Cyprus. Cyprus is in the meditterenian sea, which is at the south of turkey. There are more than 12 islands between Greece and Turkey, which are located on the egean sea.

Is Mt Olympus in both Greece and Cyprus?

No ts only in Greece

Can you enter Cyprus with schengen visa?

No, Cyprus is not one of the 15 Shengan countries. Greece is.

Did Greece use to own Cyprus?


Where is Cyprus island?

Cyprus is in the eastern meditteranean sea.Is one of the 27 member of the EU. Cyprus is in the east of Greece and west of israel.

Who controlled the rest of the island of Cyprus but not Greece?

Republic of Cyprus is an independent country, it wasn't ever "controlled" by Greece, you probably mean that it was once a British colony.

Why did Turkey invade Cyprus?

Cyprus had two ethnic groups, Greeks and Turks. As a condition to the independence of Cyprus from Britain in 1960; Greece, Turkey and Cyprus agreed to a power-sharing government in which the Minority Turks had less power in total, but slightly more power per person. Cyprus would be independent from Britain, Greece and Turkey. By 1974 the Turks and Greeks in Cyprus were no longer working together that well, and Greece was controlled by a military junta. Greece threatened to take complete control of Cyprus, and make it part of Greece, ignoring the views of the Turkish minority although at this point the Greek majority liked the idea.As a guarantor powers Turkey invaded Cyprus to bring peace, but because the Greeks still wanted to join Greece the Turkish in Cyprus created the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

Can you drive from the UK to Cyprus?

No. Cyprus is an island, so you can drive until Greece and then use a boat.

What country speaks Greek?

Greece and Cyprus

What is the proposed union of Greece and Cyprus?


What prevented Cyprus from uniting with Greece?


Which two countries have same national anthem?

Greece and Cyprus

What is the main religion in Cyprus?

The main religion in Cyprus is Greek Orthodox. Because Cyprus was part of Greece for centuries.

What are the three main islands of Greece?

The three main islands of Greece are Ionian, Crete, and Cyprus...

The island contested between Greece and Turkey is?