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How far is Delhi Domestic Airport from gurgaon?

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Approx 25 KM ... Take 40 - minutes depends upon time of day and exact location with in gurgaon

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How far is delhi domestic airport from delhi international airport?

3 kms.transit bus is available.

How far is delhi domestic airport to nizamuddin railway satation?

The approximate distance is 20 Kms between Delhi Domestic Airport and Nizamudding Railway Station

How far is the distance from delhi international airport to domestic airport?

The international airport in Delhi is about 5kms away from the Domestic airport. There are regular shuttle buses between the terminals at intervals of 20-30 mins.

How far is the old Delhi railway station from the domestic airport?

20 kms

How far is New Delhi railway station from the domestic airport?

== == 20-25 minutes by taxi

How far is delhi international airport from domestic airport?

, Delhi airport has two terminals, Terminal 1 is domestic and Terminal 2 is international (a.k.a. Indira Gandhi International Airport). The Domestic Airport (i.e. Terminal 1) is about 5 km (3.1 miles) away from the International Airport (i.e. terminal 2). To travel between these terminals, you can catch taxi, you can pay for your taxi to the airport-authorised-taxi-office, and simply hand over the receipt to the taxi-driver. Source: All the best, Aditya (Eastbourne, UK)

How far is Delhi Domestic Airport from Noida and how long does it take to reach by taxi?

Noida is 25Km from Indira Gandhi International/Domestic airport, Delhi. How long it takes depends on the traffic conditions and what time of the day it is. Typically 1hour with no traffic snarls, longer if stuck.

How far is kaushambi India from gurgaon India?

1. Kaushambi ( suburb near Delhi) is 50 Kms from Gurgaon. 2. Kaushambi District ( near Allahabad in Uttar Pradesh State ) is 550 Kms from Gurgaon.

How far is the distance from Delhi airport to Mozambique airport?

only 5 mins

How far is Brisbane domestic airport from International airport?

It's probably about two kilometres between Brisbane Domestic Airport and the International Airport. It's easily accessed by the Airtrain, and you can follow the signs from the domestic airport to the Airtrain.

How far is Delhi Domestic Airport from H. Nizamuddin Railway Station and how long does it take to reach by taxi?

it takes 45 min if ur travelling in a car..or else in a autorickshaw it will take an hr..

Distance from sydney international airport to domestic departure?

We would like to know how far from Sydney domestic to the international airport, as we have to connect to a bus from international, but we arrive at the domestic. Would it be walking distance or taxi?

How far is metro from domestic airport?

42, maybe... You might want to specify a city.

How far is Maroochydore to Brisbane airport?

From Maroochydore to Brisbane's domestic airport is a distance of 103km. The journey takes around one hour.

How far is the old Delhi railway station from the international airport?

Answer23 Kilometres30 minutes? how long in time?

How far is cebu domestic airport from cebu city?

The International Airport is about a 30 to45 minute taxi ride from Cebu City, depending on the time of day.

How far is isbt delhi from h nizamuddin railway station?

how far is delhi from nizamudding station

How far is Caspian sea it from new delhi?

hw far is the caspian sea from c.r. park in delhi ?

How far is it from Perth airport to Yanchep Perth?

Perth Domestic Airport to Yanchep is around 65km (40 miles), takes approx an hour to get there. Perth International Airport to Yanchep is around 75km (46miles), take a little over an hour to get there.

How far is new delhi railway station from delhi cantt?


How far is goteborg from Copenhagen's airport?

It's far; why not fly into Gothenburg Airport?

How far delhi cent STATION from old delhi railstation?

It is a 35 minute journey from the old delhi railway station.

How many kilometer far Chennai from Delhi-?

It is 1753 kilometers from the area of Chennai and Delhi.

What is the largest airport in Georgia?

There are alot of airports in Georgia however most of them are Domestic airports,there are two international airports Atlanta and Savannah.. Hartsfield-Jackson, in Atlanta, is by far the largest airport in Georgia,it is also the largest in the world.

How far is Newark airport from the statue of liberty?

Don't know how far, but you can see it from the airport.