How far is Goa from Bombay?

There are several roads joining Mumbai and Goa. They are as follows:

1. Mumbai-Panvel-Pen-Mahad-Chiplun-Hathkhamba-Lanja-Rajapur-Kankavli-Kudal-Savantwadi-Patradevi(Goa Border)-Mapusa-Panjim. Total journey-570kms Route- Take NH 4 till Panvel, Then NH 17 till Goa.

2. Mumbai-Panvel-Pune-Satara-Karad-Kolhapur-Kale-Gaganbawda-Vaibhavwadi-Talere-Kankavli-Savantwadi-Mapusa-Panjim. Total journey-622kms. Route-NH 4 till Kolhapur(395kms from Mumbai), then state highway to join NH 17 in Talere i.e. 23 km before Kankavali.

3.Mumbai-Pune-Kolhapur-Nippani-Sankeshwar-Gadhinglaj-Ajra-Amboli hill staton-Savantwadi-Mapusa-Panjim. Total journey-610kms. Route-NH 4 till Sankeshwar(454kms from Mumbai). On NH 4 near Sankeshwar,there is an exit for Gadhinglaj. From Gadhinglaj exit on NH4, the state highway goes towards Savantwadi(NH 17)which passes through Gadhinglaj town, Ajra, Amboli, Danoli.In Savantwadi, one can catch NH 17 to go to Panjim. The road quality is tremendously good on NH4.

4.Mumbai-Panvel-Pune-Satara-Karad-Kolhapur-Bhogavati-Radhanagari-Dajipur wildlife sanctuary-Phondahat-Kankavali-Savantwadi-Mapusa-Panjim.Total journey-627kms. Route-NH 4 till Kolhapur(395kms from Mumbai), then state highway via Radhanagari to join NH 17 near Kankavli.

5. Mumbai-Pune-Kolhapur-Nippani-Sankeshwar-Gadhinglaj-Nesari-Chandgad-Tilarinagar ghat-Bhedashi-Dodamarg check post-Assonora(Goa)-Thivim-Mapusa-Panjim.
Route- Take NH 4 till Sankeshwar. On NH 4 turn towards Gadhinglaj. In Gadhinglaj there are 2 roads which go towards Goa, one viaAmboli Ghat and another via Tilari Ghat. Turn towards chandgad road to go via Tilari Ghat. From chandgad till Sindhudurga district Border, 25 km road is poor. Total Journey 600 km. It is the nearest route except the 25 km patch after Chandgad.
But the ghat is very scenic. Also before Tilarinagar village, one can see Fort Pargad, Swapnavel Point.

The route number 3 is advisable because out of 610kms, 454kms travelling is on NH4 which is much better than travelling on coastal NH 17. Also with route no. 3 you can have a look at the fantastic sight seeing of Amboli waterfalls and Amboli Ghat section.