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What is is the distance from Los Angeles to Kingston, Jamaica

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Q: How far is Los Angeles CA from montego bay Jamaica?
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How long is the flight from Los Angeles to Jamaica?

Los Angeles, CA (LAX) to Montego Bay (MBJ)Shortest Flight Duration 5 hours 45 mins

What is the population of montego bay?

What is the population of Montego bay, Jamaica

What is the population of montego bay Jamaica?

what is the population in montego bay jamacia

How far is it from montego bay Jamaica to ocho rios Jamaica?

how far is the montego bay airport to ochios rios jamaica

How long does it take to get from montego bay to Manchester?

how many hours by car from montego bay jamaica to manchester jamaica

What country is Montego Bay in?

It is in Jamaica.

Why did montego bay become a city?

Montego Bay became Jamaica's second city in 1982....

What is the continent of Montego Bay?

Montego Bay is in Jamaica, in the Caribbean, so it would be part of the Americas.

Is Montego Bay Jamaica dangerous?

no no no , every country on the face of the earth have their issues with crime and violence, montego bay Jamaica w.i is exciting.

What is the capital of montego bay?

The city of Montego Bay is the capital of the parish of St. James in Jamaica. Kingston is the capital and largest city of Jamaica.

What is the flight distance from Charlotte NC to montego bay Jamaica?

The flight distance from Charlotte, North Carolina to Montego Bay, Jamaica is about 1,168 miles.

Is there a flea market in montego bay Jamaica?


What is the second largest city in Jamaica?


Second largest city in Jamaica?

Montego Bay

Where is montego bay located?

Montego Bay is the second largest city in Jamaica and is located in the north- west of the island.

How do I find condo rentals in montego bay?

Here's a site where you can find rentals in Montego Bay:

How long is the flight from Norfolk VA to Montego Bay Jamaica?

The flight time from Norfolk, Virginia to Montego Bay, Jamaica is 3 hours, 2 minutes.

What is the zip code for montego bay Jamaica?

Jamaica does not use Zip codes.

What is the driving distance from Montego Bay to Ocho Rios?

The total driving distance from Montego Bay, Jamaica to Ocho Rios, Jamaica is 62 miles or 100 kilometers.

Where is the Martha Brae River located?

In Montego Bay, Jamaica.

What is the distance from Montego bay to Mandeville Jamaica?

About 70 miles.

Where are Jamaica internatioal airports?

Ocho Rios, Montego Bay

How long is a flight from Miami to Montego Bay Jamaica?

The flight from Miami, Florida and Montego Bay, Jamaica is 1 hour and 33 minutes. These two locations are 524 miles apart.

What is the distance between montego bay and Kingston?

Montego Bay is located in St James Jamaica. Kingston is located in Kingston Jamaica. The distance between these two locations is 117.8 miles.

What county is Montego Bay Jamaica in?

Montego Bay, Jamaica is located in St. James Parish. Parish is the equivalent of an American county, and in fact, the term is utilized in Louisiana, as well.