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It is about 776 km which is about 6 hours 53 mins

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In what country can you visit the cities of Hamburg and Munich?

You can visit Munich and Hamburg in Germany. While Hamburg is the second largest city, Munich is the third largest city of Germany. Munich is in the state of Bavaria.

Which is the nearest port to Munich?


Where is Munich and Hamburg?

Munich is the capital of the German state of Bavaria(Bayern in German). Hamburg is the capital of the German state of Hamburg. For a map of Germany click on the link. Discover German Originality:

In what country can you visit the cities of Munich and Hamburg?


What is the distance between Hamburg and Munich?

485 miles

How long is the flight between Hamburg Germany and Munich Germany?

A typical flight between Hamburg, Germany and Munich, Germany would have a flying time of about 46 minutes.

What is the third largest city in Germany?

Munich. The largest is Berlin. 2nd is Hamburg and 3rd is, as said Munich.

What is the 3rd largest city in Germany?

Munich (after Berlin and Hamburg).

What are the 3 largest cities in Germany?

Berlin, Hamburg, then Munich. :)

Is Munich cosidered the largest city in Germany?

No. The largest city in Germany is Berlin considering both area and population. The largest cities in Germany by population are Berlin, Hamburg, Munich and Cologne. By area the order is Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne, Munich.

What are 3 major German cities?

Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt, and Munich.

Where are the major airports in germany?

Frankfurt, Berlin, Hamburg, Duesseldorf, Munich

What are the 3 largest cites in Germany?

I think it is Berlin, Munich and Hamburg

Who is won more German cups hamburg or bayern Munich?

Bayern Munich won the most championships and the most cups in Germany.

How many miles between hamburg Germany and munich Germany?

482 miles.

What are some large cities in German?

Berlin (the capital), Munich, Frankfurt, Hamburg

What are the largest cites in Germany?

Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Cologne, Frankfurt/Main

What are 6 cities in Germany?

Hamburg, Berlin, Munich, Nuremburg, Leipzig, and Frankfurt.

What is the most siegnic route to munich from hamburg by car in one day?

a7 highway

Which German teams have won the European cup?

Bayern Munich, Hamburg and Borussia Dortmund.

What are some cities in Germany?

Berlin (capital) MunichHamburgFrankfurtNordlingenInteringenSchwäbisch GmündBerlin, Hamburg, München, Gelsenkirchen, Dortmund, Bochum?!

How far is berlin to Munich?

About 300 miles from Berlin to Munich

What is the distance from Amsterdam to Hamburg How many hours to drive?

How far is Amsterdam from Hamburg?

What are three major cities in Germany?

Berlin, Hamburg, and Munich are three major cities in Germany.

What are 4 other cities in Germany?

Berlin , munich and hamburg. there are other cities in germany as well