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It is 62.46 miles according to MapQuest.

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Q: How far is Pennington New Jersey from New York City?
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Is New York City in New Jersey?

No, New York City is in New York State.

Where is the New york City is situated on the bank of a river?

New York City is across the Hudson River from Jersey City New Jersey.

What rivers border between New York City and New Jersey?

The Hudson River separates New Jersey from New York City.

Is New York bigger than New Jersey?

New York is bigger than New Jersey because New York is a city

Holland tunnel opened connecting this state with new york city?

The Holland Tunnel connects New York City with Jersey City, New Jersey.

Name a city whose name includes a states name?

New York, New York. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Jersey City, New Jersey.

How much from Atlantic City to new york?

How can you get from Atlantic City, New Jersey to Manhattten, New York

What city is closest to New York City?

Hoboken, New Jersey.

Is Hoboken in New York City?

New Jersey

What city is the New York Jets from?

New Jersey

Is New York City located in both New York and New Jersey?

No. Just New York.

A strong issue of New York City?

what are the most important issues in new York city or jersey city

How many miles from new jersey to new york city?

New York City and New Jersey share a border of the Hudson River. It is less than a mile between them.

Is New Jersey a state or city?

it's a state Jersey city is a city in the state of NewjerseyNew Jersey is the eleventh-most populous state in the New York City, Philadelphia, and along the eastern Jersey.

Is the Statue of Liberty located in New york or New Jersey?

The statue of liberty is located in New York City,in the bay of New York City.

What state is west of New York City?

New Jersey.

Is Newark New Jersey like New York city?


What is larger New Jersey or New York City?

New Jersey in both population and area. New Jersey has an estimated 8,707,739 residents. New York City has an estimated 8,363,710 residents. New Jersey's area is 8,729 square miles. New York City has a land area of 303 square miles.

How far is New Jersey from New York City?

depends where in jersey. from south jersey it takes about 2 hours

Why the name New York Jets and giants when they are in New Jersey?

They originated in New York City and East Rutherford, New Jersey is culturally considered a part of greater New York.

Is Ellis Island in New York or New Jersey?

New York State and New Jersey share sovereignty over Ellis Island. The original, natural portion of the island belongs to New York State, and is part of New York City. The portion that was artificially created by landfill, as well as the underwater portion, belongs to New Jersey, and is part of Jersey City.

Can you take a train to New York from New Jersey?

Yes, the rail line is called New Jersey Transit. It connects all major New Jersey suburbs to New York City.

Where does Sharon Creech live?

She lives in Pennington New Jersey

What 2 states border New York City?

New York City is in New York State, and New York City also borders New Jersey. The only other state nearby is Connecticut, but Connecticut does not border New York City.

Which of the following was once a dutch colony new jersey rhode island philadelphia new york city?

New York City