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Average and Closest Distances

Pluto is an average of 5,913,520,000 km (39.5AU) from the Sun. Earth is an average of 149,600,000 km (1.0AU) from the sun. This would indicate a distance of over 5.7 billion kilometers or 38.5 AU between the two.

However, Pluto's orbit is highly elliptical and varies from 4.4 to 7.4 billion kilometers (30 to 49 AU) from the Sun. And given its 17° inclination to the ecliptic, it would seldom if ever be in a direct line with the Earth and the Sun.

Should Pluto ever be near its closest point to Earth's orbit when the Earth is also near that point, the closest approach between the two would be 4.3 billion kilometers (29 AU).

AU's Between Pluto and Earth

That's a difficult question to answer precisely. Pluto's average distance from the Sun is 39.4 AU. (An AU is an Astronomical Unit and is defined as the average distance between the center of the Earth and the center of the Sun.) One AU equals 92,955,807 million miles, or about 93 million miles, but Pluto's distance from the Sun ranges from 29.7 to 49.3 AU.

So, depending on the orbits of Pluto and Earth, the distance between the two could be anywhere from 28.7 AU (Earth directly between Pluto and Sun when Pluto is closest to the Sun) to 50.3 AU (Earth directly opposite Sun from Pluto when Pluto is farthest from the Sun). However, keep in mind that an AU is an average and that Earth's actual orbit varies anywhere from 91 to 94.5 million miles.

As Earth has a slightly eccentric orbit but Pluto has a very elliptical orbit, it varies. So the closest distance between the Earth and Pluto occurs when Earth is at its most distant from the Sun, and Pluto is at its closest. And the Sun, Earth and Pluto are lined up in a perfect line. When this happens, Pluto and Earth would be separated by 4.2 billion km.

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Q: How far is Pluto from Earth?
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How far is the Earth from Pluto?

Pluto is about 5,913 million km far from the sun (on average). Earth is about 150 million km far from the sun. Earth is about 5,763 million km far from Pluto. BUT PLUTO IS NOT PLANET ANYMORE

How far away from earth is Pluto?

Pluto is about 3.6 Billion miles from Earth

How far away is earth from Pluto?

Pluto is 10 billion miles away from Earth.

How far is Pluto from space?

Pluto is in space, just as the Earth is in space.

How far is the Pluto from the black hole?

About as far as Earth or the Sun is.

How small or big is Pluto from earth?

not far

How far from Pluto to earth?

The distance from Earth to Pluto depends on the point in their rotation around the Sun. However, it is generally considered that Pluto is 7.5 billion kilometers from the Earth.

How far away is planet Pluto from planet Earth in light years?

Pluto is in the same light year as earth.

How far is Pluto away from the earth in km?


Pluto cant be seen from earth without a telescope why?

1. Pluto is small. 2. Pluto is VERY far away.

Is the Neptune closer to the earth than Pluto?

Yes ofcourse as Pluto is well far away

How far is planet eart to planet Pluto?

Pluto is currently about 4 billion miles from Earth.

Is the sun closer to earth than Pluto?

yes the sun is closer Pluto is very far

How far away is planet Pluto from planet Earth?

Pluto is about 5,913 million km from the sun (on average). Earth is about 150 million km from the sun. Earth is about 5,763 million km from Pluto.

How far is Pluto from Earth in miles?

if my math is right Pluto is 2,907,000,000 miles . But it is not always that far because Pluto's orbit is in a oval shape.

How far is pluto from earth in kilometers?

5750.4 million km

How far is Pluto from the Earth?

5,913,520,000 kilometers or 3,674,490,973 miles.

How far is the planet Pluto from Earth in miles?

32.89406876 AU

Has Pluto ever had light?

Yes. Pluto gets light from the sun, but far less than Earth does.

What is Bigger Earth or Pluto?

Earth is far bigger than Pluto. The mass of Earth is 5.98 x 10^24 kg. The mass of Pluto is 0.7 x 10^24 kg, under 12% the mass of earth.

How far is Pluto from the moon?

Pluto is about 5,913 million km from the sun (on average). Earth is about 150 million km from the sun. Pluto is about 5,763 million km from Earth, so Pluto is about the same distance from our moon.

How far is Pluto from Neptune in miles?

it has 2000 60064milles away from earth

What differences does the earth and Pluto have between them?

The Earth and Pluto have the following differences:The Earth has no asteroids in its path, Pluto does.The Earth has life, and Pluto doesn't.The Earth is a major planet, Pluto isn't.The Earth is warm enough for liquids to form, Pluto isn't.The Earth has one moon, Pluto has 5

How far is Pluto?

from Earth i dont know, but from the Sun it is about 3.7 billion miles

How far away is Pluto from earth?

5756.8 million km (according to N.A.S.A)