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How far is South Africa from Florida?


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The straight line distance is about 7500 miles.

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The air distance from Orlando, Florida, to Cape Town, South Africa, is 7,803 miles. That equals 12,557 kilometers or 6,780 nautical miles.

No, South Africa is quite far south of the equator.

about 10,000 miles to the far south, (around there)

South Africa has a far larger economy.

Lesotho is a small country within South Africa which is located in the far south of Africa.

South Africa is a country in the continent of Africa, so the distance is zero of whatever measurement you choose.

No. It is in the far south of Africa.

the equator isn't far from Africa, it runs through the middle of Africa though

Ocala is about an hour south from Gainesville.

They did not affect Florida- never came that far South.

Africa is a big place. Different points in Africa are different distances from the south pole. The most southern point in Africa in in South Africa, and is the closest to the south pole. That's about 3,815 miles.

Aardwolves live in southern and far eastern Africa. South Africa

there not that far apart but the south is closer to the equator


South Africa by far! It's the most developed region in Africa.

south America is closer to Africa. 2,580 km far.

The driving distance from Nigel, South Africa to Johannesburg, South Africa is 39 miles (63 km).

No, Jamaica is not a part of Africa. It is a part of the Greater Antilles Islands in the Caribbean Ocean, which is south of Florida.

Pensacola, Florida Pretoria, South Africa

Florida is GMT-5 and South Africa is GMT+1. They're 6 hours ahead of EST (Eastern Standard Time) *GMT is Greenwich Mean Time

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