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How far is from Montreal to Laval?

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there only a little river to separate this 2 city but they have a big teritory, so downtown to downtown around 30 min..

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Where in the world is Laval?

Laval is a surburb just north of Montreal, Canada. It is Quebec's third largest city after Montreal and Quebec City.

Does the Subway go from Montreal to Laval?

Yes, there's now three stations in Laval

What does Universite de Montreal mean in English?

Universite de Montreal is French for University of Montreal. It was established as the Universite Laval a Montreal in 1878. Their motto in English is: "It shines by faith and knowledge".

Can you go by train from Laval to Montreal?

Yes you can take the Blainville train in the direction of Lucien L'allier.

Where in Quebec would one find the city of Laval?

The city of Laval is located in the southwestern part of Quebec, in Canada. It is a major regional municipality in Quebec, and located within the suburbs of Montreal.

When was Yannick Lupien born?

Yannick Lupien was born on February 21, 1980, in Laval, Montreal, Canada.

How far is it from Detriot to Montreal?

How far is it from Detroit to Montreal will be around 956.85 Miles

What is the closest international airport to Laval QC?

Montréal-Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport - Montreal, Canada (YUL / CYUL).

What is the best higschool in laval?

Laval junior highschool/ laval liberty

What is the population of Magnac-Laval?

The population of Magnac-Laval is 2,117.

where can i rent a hospital bed in Montreal-Laval -West island?

Amed Co. in Montreal rents hospital beds. Their number is 1-800-640-8220 or you can email them at

What is the area of Magnac-Laval?

The area of Magnac-Laval is 72.22 square kilometers.

What has the author Pierre Laval written?

Pierre Laval has written: 'The diary of Pierre Laval'

What is the population of Le Poรซt-Laval?

The population of Le Poët-Laval is 893.

What is the population of Bonchamp-lรจs-Laval?

The population of Bonchamp-lès-Laval is 5,381.

What is the population of Mont-de-Laval?

The population of Mont-de-Laval is 181.

What is the population of Saint-Pierre-Laval?

The population of Saint-Pierre-Laval is 367.

Montreal to myrtle beach distance in kilometers?

How far is Montreal from Myrtle Beach?

How far from Montreal airport to downtown Montreal?

It is around a 20 minute drive.

How far is Cooperstown from Montreal Canada?

Not far enough! lol

What is the area of Viols-en-Laval?

The area of Viols-en-Laval is 16.03 square kilometers.

What is the area of Bonchamp-lรจs-Laval?

The area of Bonchamp-lès-Laval is 27.51 square kilometers.

What is the area of Mont-de-Laval?

The area of Mont-de-Laval is 8,440,000.0 square meters.

What is the area of Saint-Pierre-Laval?

The area of Saint-Pierre-Laval is 24.03 square kilometers.