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Q: How far is it and how long is the flight from Auckland to Fiji?
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How long is the flight time from Minnesota to Auckland?

That's difficult. As far as I can ascertain there are no direct flights from Minnesota to Auckland.

How long is flight time from Tokyo to Fiji?

Its about 11.5 hours to get and is about 7,111km far from there.

How far is Paris from Fiji?

There are approximately 10,265 miles from Paris to Fiji. The estimated flight time from Paris to Fiji is 21 hours and 5 minutes.

How far are the Fiji islands to the US?

Flight times from LAX to Nadi, Fiji (the major airport) is approximately 9 hours

How far is it from Suva Fiji to Auckland New Zealand?


How far away is Fiji from Wales?

A flight takes about 20 hours and 45 minutes from Fiji to Wales. There is approximately 10,119 between the two locations.

How far is the flight from Australia to Fiji?

approx. 4 hrs and 30 min, departing from Sydney.

How long is the flight from Heathrow to Fiji?

Since Fiji is more far away from Heathrow to Australia, Australia takes 24 hours to get to, so I could see it being 26 hours maybe....I don't know, just an estimate.

How far away is America if you live in New Zealand?

A twelve hour flight from Auckland to Los Angeles

How far away is Fiji from new zealand?

The distance from the center of New Zealand to the center of Fiji is 1,664 miles. A nonstop flight would take about 3 hours.

How long from Fiji-nadi to malololailai?

5-8minutes. Its not that far.

How far is from Newark NJ to Fiji?

In terms of flight distance, Newark, NJ is 7,943 miles or 12,784 km far from Fiji. To travel between one place and the other by air would take approximately 16 hours and 23 minutes.

How long is the flight from dublin to sorrento?


How far from taupo to Auckland?

From Taupo to Auckland by road is around 280km (175mi).

How far from Auckland Airport to Auckland downtown?

22km or 30 minutes by car.

How far is US from Fiji?

The distance from the US and Fiji is 10,853 km

How far from Maui to Fiji?

Maui is in Fiji so I calculated 0.0001sm

How far is the flight from Los Angeles to Argentina?

how long is the flight from los angeles to Argentina

How far is Fiji from Calgary with the plane?

It's far

How far is it from Auckland to Fielding?

About 500km.

What is the distance between Suva and Fiji?

Not Far. Suva is actually in Fiji; it's the capital city of the Fiji Islands.

How far is Auckland international airport to Auckland University?

It's about 30 minutes away by car.

How far is it from Los Angeles to Fiji?

from Los Angles to Fiji it is about 5,ooo kilometers.

How far is England from Fiji island?

It is precisely 16300kilometres from England,UK to Suva,Fiji

How far is America from New Zealand?

flight distance between Los Angeles and Auckland is about 12,569km (7,810mi). It takes between 12 and 13 hours by commercial jet.