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Q: How far is it from Barbados to Jamaica?
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Is Jamaica bigger than barbados?

yes, Jamaica is bigger

What two Caribbean territories produced tobacco in the 1600s?

Jamaica and Barbados i think. Most of the British owned islands in the 17th century.

What are the four countries that attend the first heads of government?

Barbados, Jamaica, Guyana and Trinidad and Tobago

Is the famous singer rihannna Jamaica?

she is fom barbados.

What European country controlled barbados and Jamaica?


Where were the large plantations of the southern colonies located?

Jamaica and Barbados

British west Indian sugar colonies?

Jamaica and Barbados

Where did people from Barbados settle?

California APEX

How long is the flight from Jamaica to barbados?

I believe the answer is 3- 4 hours

Has it ever snowed in barbados?

It has never snowed in Barbados as far as I know so that is a NO!

What does Barbados look like?

Barbados is a very natural country and has very nice features in the country. In Barbados the beaches are clean it is a very wonderful place and as far as i know it is the only country that u can see all the sites in one day while taking stops . This is very fascinating because I always thought it was bigger than Jamaica.

How long does it take to travel from Toronto Canada to Barbados?

A direct flight from Toronto, Ontario to Barbados, Jamaica will take close to 6 hours.

Hispaniola and barbados are island in this body of water?

Hispaniola and Barbados are both found in the Caribbean Sea. Aruba and Jamaica are also in this body of water.

How far is the airport at bridgetown barbados to the port in barbados?

1 hour

How long does it take to fly from Jamaica to Barbados?

2 hours and 50 minutes

What are some similarities and differences between the barbados government and Jamaica government?


What are the three countries that are islands in the West Indies?

Jamaica, Barbados, Dominica, etc.

What are 5 trading partners of the caribbean?

Jamaica, dominica,st.lucia,Barbados, montserrat

How far is it from montego bay Jamaica to ocho rios Jamaica?

how far is the montego bay airport to ochios rios jamaica

Which countries first singed the agreement in caricom?

Barbados,Guyana,Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago

Name some organization outside the Caribbean which foster co-operation?

jamaica and barbados

Where is sugarcane found?

You can find it in alot of places but you will mostly find in Jamaica and Barbados and other Caribbean areas.

What is the diffents between barbados and Jamaica?

Barbados is a small island below Saint Luica. Jamaica is the island just under Cuba? these are two completely different islands, and at different locations. But they are both in the carribbean, so tropcial island weather june to october...

Why is Jamaica more frequently affected by cold fronts than barbados?

because Jamaica is located in the northern western Caribbean region and is easily influenced by cold front originating in the usa, Barbados is much further south and east and by then the cold front would have lost its strength

How far is Toronto from Barbados?

Toronto to Barbados direct is about 5 hours and 15 minutes.