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Q: How far is it from Haifa to the Dead Sea?
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Distance from Haifa to the Dead Sea?

110 miles

How long is the drive from Haifa to the Dead Sea?

About 5 hour drive.

What is a haifa?

Haifa - meaning the term, hot sexy and does the body roll a lot! Haifa is a city in Israel by the sea.

Who is the owner of the Dead Sea?

So far the dead sea does not have an owner.

Where can you find the city of Haifa?

In Northern Israel in the District of Haifa on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea.

How far down is Dead Sea shore?

The Dead Sea is at 427 m under the Mediterranean Sea level.

Why is that sea which is salty supports life but dead sea does not?

The Dead Sea is far more salty than the ocean.

How far is it from Jerusalem to the Dead Sea?

It is 15 miles from Jerusalem to the Dead Sea! I'm glad to help.

How far is Tel Aviv to haifa?

57 miles

What is the climax of book 1 Mahabharata?

In the dead sea and far far away...

How far is the dead sea below sea level?

422 meters below sea level

Where is the location of Armageddon in Israel?

Mount Megiddo (which is the same as Armageddon) is in the northwest of Israel, not far from Haifa (30km, southeast of Haifa).

Is the dead sea in Iraq?

The dead sea is not in Iraq, although it is not very far from Iraq. It is on the border between Israel and Jordan.

How far below sea lvel is the dead sea in feet?

The surface is 1300 feet below sea level

What sea is nicknamed the Dead sea?

The Dead Sea is also called the Dead Sea.

What sea is israel next to?

Parts of Israel's borders are defined by the Mediterranean Sea, the Sea of Galilee,the Dead Sea, and the Gulf of Aqaba (which is the far north end of the Red Sea).

Where is the Dead Sea pictures of the dead sea?

look in the dead sea and you will find it :)

What is dead sea made out of from the dead sea?

Dead Sea is made out of water.

What is the best restaurant in haifa?

south of haifa

What is the population of Haifa?

Haifa's population is 268,215.

Is dead sea a ocean or sea?

Dead sea should be a sea.

Why does the dead sea has no waves?

dead sea dead liao

Is the dead sea a sea or a lake?

The Dead Sea is a lake.

Is the Dead Sea an ocean?

No. The Dead Sea is a sea; not an ocean.

What is saltier the red sea or the dead sea?

Dead Sea