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How far is it from Haifa to the Dead Sea?

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Haifa - meaning the term, hot sexy and does the body roll a lot! Haifa is a city in Israel by the sea.

So far the dead sea does not have an owner.

In Northern Israel in the District of Haifa on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea.

The Dead Sea is far more salty than the ocean.

The Dead Sea is at 427 m under the Mediterranean Sea level.

It is 15 miles from Jerusalem to the Dead Sea! I'm glad to help.

Mount Megiddo (which is the same as Armageddon) is in the northwest of Israel, not far from Haifa (30km, southeast of Haifa).

In the dead sea and far far away...

The dead sea is not in Iraq, although it is not very far from Iraq. It is on the border between Israel and Jordan.

The surface is 1300 feet below sea level

The Dead Sea is also called the Dead Sea.

Parts of Israel's borders are defined by the Mediterranean Sea, the Sea of Galilee,the Dead Sea, and the Gulf of Aqaba (which is the far north end of the Red Sea).

It is possible to walk to Jaffa. There are bus trips to visit Jerusalem, Bethlehem, or the Dead Sea. It's also possible to hire a cab to these locations. Other day trips by cab or car are possible to Tiberius (Sea of Galilee), Haifa, or even as far north as Zefat. Anything in between these areas is possible in a day.

look in the dead sea and you will find it :)

Dead sea should be a sea.

Haifa Wehbe's birth name is Haifa Mohammed Wehbe.

No. The Dead Sea is a sea; not an ocean.

The Dead Sea is a lake.

No sea - The Dead Sea is entirely landlocked

It is approximately 100km by car, or about 80km as the crow flies.

Water leaves the Dead Sea by evaporating. There is no outlet. This also why it is the Dead Sea- evaporation over thousands of years has left behind the salts and minerals- far too salty for fish to live in it.

no there are micro organisms in the dead sea

its only a TRIP to call a dead sea:))

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