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It looks to be 49.5 miles, or 79.7 kilometers. There is a link below offering a "best route" between these two locations. If you're driving, check it out.

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How far is Cambridge from Heathrow?

From Heathrow to London - about 15 minutes by train from London to Cambridge - about 45 minutes by train

How far is it from London UK to Cambridge UK?

About 70 miles

Is Cambridge north of London?

Cambridge is northeast of London.

Where is tax office in Cambridge in London?

Cambridge is not in London.

How far is London from Cambridge?

Around 80 km. about 45 minutes by train.

How far is it in km from London to Cambridge and how much drive?

about 100 km, an hour and a half

What is the school fees for the universisty of Cambridge London?

The University of Cambridge is in Cambridge, not London. The fees are £9000 per year.

Is MBBS course offered in cambridge university london?

As there is no Cambridge university in London then there is no such course.

How far is Cambridge from basingstoke?

116 miles taking this route:Take M3 to the NORTH EAST from Basingstoke to M25 to HEATHROW at JUNCTION 2 exit outside of London.Take M25 around London to M11 towards LONDON (NE) STANSTED HARLOW and CAMBRIDGE at JUNCTION 27. Follow signs to M11 to STANSTED HARLOW and CAMBRIDGE.Take M11 to Cambridge.

Where is Cambridge circus held?

Cambridge Circus is held in London.

Where is the University of Cambridge?

in Cambridge, 80 Km north of London, UK.

Where is Cambridge University situated?

In Cambridge, London. The university specializes in Science.

Tomb of Ch Rehmat Ali is situated in Cambridge or London?


Location of Cambridge university in Great Britain?

Cambridge - North of London

How far from Guildford is it to Cambridge?

110 miles taking this route:Take A3 LONDON from Guildford to M25. Follow signs on the exit ramp to M25 (E) (M11) towards GATWICK airport and LEATHERHEAD.Take M25 around LONDON, on the LONDON ORBITAL, to M11 towards HARLOW and CAMBRIDGE at JUNCTION 27. Follow signs on the exit ramp to M11 towards STANSTED airport, HARLOW, and CAMBRIDGE.Take M11 to Cambridge.

Where is Cambridge University located?

In Cambridge town 80 km north of London, UK. Cambridge University is located in Cambridge, England.

How far is Cambridge from Durham?

It is 210 miles from Cambridge to Durham.

How do you compare London England to Cambridge England geographically?

Cambridge is a bit further North.

How much does it cost to get from Cambridge to London by taxi?

About £150 but check with a Cambridge cab company.

How far is it to Oxford from Cambridge?

The distance from Oxford to Cambridge is about 85 miles.

Is Cambridge in Scotland?

Cambridge is in England about 50 miles north-east (mostly north) of London.

Where is cambridge situated?

Cambridge, England is situated in Cambridgeshire in east Anglia. It is about 60 miles north of London

Cambridge circus in in which UK city?

London city

What is the distance from Cambridge to London?

The flight from Cambridge, United Kingdom to London, United Kingdom is approximately 40 minutes. There is only 49 miles between the two locations.

Where can one find information about the Cambridge Theatre in the UK?

One can find information regarding the Cambridge Theatre in the United Kingdom by contacting the Cambridge Theatre by phone or by going on London Theatre-Land which is a website that has information on the theatres in London.