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Q: How far is it from wales to Stonehenge?
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How far is Stonehenge from Wales?

There are 123.674 miles between Stonehenge, England and Wales, United Kingdom.

What are the bluestones from Stonehenge?

Moved from South Wales to build Stonehenge

Where the Bluestones in the Stonehenge?

The blue stones at Stonehenge came from the Prescelly mountains in south Wales.

How far was the Stonehenge moved?

Stonehenge has never been moved.

Were did the rocks for Stonehenge come from?

from wales and got there by people with rope

How far is Stonehenge from Bath?

Stonehenge is 35 miles from the City of Bath.

How far is from Edinburgh to Stonehenge?

Edinburgh is 399 miles by road from Stonehenge.

How did the stones at stonehedge get to London?

The stones at Stonehenge have never been to London. They came to Stonehenge from Wales and archaeologists are still arguing about how they got there and how they were erected.

How far from Edinburgh Scotland to Stonehenge?

Edinburgh is 399 miles by road from Stonehenge.

Where is blue stone found near Stonehenge?

About 200 miles away in Wales.

Where did they get the stones for Stonehenge from?

Wales. There are lots of theories as to how they were able to transport them, but no specific proof.

What was Stonehenge made from?

Stonehenge was constructed largely from sandstone (local 'sarsen' stone) and also so called bluestone (dolerite, from West Wales) and a few other types of exotic stones. See the linked plan from 'Solving Stonehenge'.

How far away is Stonehenge from London?

86 miles

How far away is Andover from Stonehenge?


How far from Birmingham to Stonehenge?

117 miles

How far is Stonehenge from Somerset?

1 hour to 13 mins

How far is it from cirencester to Stonehenge?

51 miles

Did aliens build Stonehenge?

It is far more likely than some stone age proles dragging 40 ton rocks from South Wales to Salisbury Plain. Please see "Pyramids of Giza".

Where did get the rocks for the Stonehenge?

Some 82 bluestones from the Preseli mountains, in south-west Wales were transported to the site.

How did the bluestone get to Stonehenge?

Their are many theories. We know that the stone came from Wales. None the less still a mystery.

How far away is Stonehenge from Andover?

16 miles

How far is the Blarney Castle from Stonehenge?

33.1 miles

How far is it from Stonehenge to Big Ben?

92 miles

How far away is Stonehenge from Ohio?

Across The World.

How far is Pembrokeshire to Wales?

Pembrokeshire is in Wales.