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How far is it to San Francisco from San Jose?


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It depends which part of San Jose you are

  • West San Jose from San Francisco is about 42.46 miles
  • Eastern San Jose from San Francisco is about 46.82 miles
  • South San Jose from San Francisco is about 52.5 miles
  • North San Jose from San Francisco is about 48 miles
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The shortest distance is 47.8 miles.

San Jose is not very far from San Fran, so it is about 50 miles, if that.

No, San Jose is about an hour south of San Francisco.

Almost the same as from San Francisco to Los Angeles

about 48 miles, or about an hour away

Take 101 S all the way from San Francisco to San Jose.

the driving time from San JOse to San Francisco is about 1 hour.

Approximately 50 miles between San Jose and San Francisco.

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It would only be about 15 minutes in the air to fly from San Francisco to San Jose.

The commute from San Francisco to San Jose is approx. 1 hour to 1 hour and 15 minutes.

San Jose and San Francisco are approximately 50 miles apart.

It would take about an hour to drive from San Jose, California to San Francisco, California. There is approximately 48 miles between the two cities.

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The air mileage from San Francisco, California, to San Jose, Costa Rica, is 3,056. That equals 4,918 kilometers or 2,655 nautical miles.

It is 502 miles from San Francisco to San Diego.

Alameda is 39 miles from San Jose.

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The shortest distance is 47.8 miles.

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It only takes about 1 hour to get to San Franciso from San Jose.

Northern. North of San Jose, south of San Francisco.

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