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How far is outer space?

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How far is a horizon in outer space?

There is no horizon in deep space.

How far do you need to go in outer space?

100km is the general definition of space.

Has life been found yet in outer space?

No, so far we have found no life in outer space. Life may well exist in outer space, but we haven't found it yet.

Can sound waves travel in outer space?

Sound waves can travel in outer space. However, sound waves don't travel from earth to outer space. The distance is just too far.

How far from earth is outer space in miles?

this question does not make sense. the earth is in space.......

How far is the earth from outer space?

Earth is in orbit around the sun...we're in space.

How many miles is it from earth to outer space?

very far

What mechanics applies in outer space?

If by mechanics you mean laws of physics, and if you mean outer space as being in outer space far away from gravitational pull, all laws apply aside from gravitational laws.

How far up does outer space begin?

no one knows how far space goes. some people say it goes an forever

How do you travel to outer space?

So far, technology has only allowed us to travel to space in rockets/space shuttles.

Is the air present in the outer space?

Yes, but a very minimal amount. And this is far different than terrestrial "air." The gas in outer space is mainly hydrogen.

Are there any word relating to outer space that begin with the letter f?

far out

What is after outer space?

after outer space is deep space.

Do bullfrogs live in outerspace?

As far as scientists have found, there are no living creatures in outer space.

How far will sound travel through space in 1 second?

If you're referring to outer space, then sound does not travel at all.

How can astronomers see so far into space?

With different types of telescopes - both ground-based, and telescopes in outer space.

What is the opposite of outer space?

There is no antonym for outer space.

What is a word for space preceder?

outer (as in "outer space")

How they get the satellite into outer space?

they built it in outer space

Does outer space have an end?

Unknown. If it does, the 'end' is too far away for us to have detected it yet.

Why is the most part of the universe invisible to us?

Most of outer space is far away from earth

Study of outer space?

The study of outer space is astronmy

Are there farmers in outer space?

Are you crazy? No there are no farmers in outer space.

Is gold from outer space?

Yes, gold is from outer space

When was In Outer Space created?

In Outer Space was created in 1983.

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