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Q: How far is the Indian ocean from the US?
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Related questions

How far is Bangladesh from the Indian Ocean?

Bangladesh is a country located on the Indian Ocean. So the country's coastline is on the Indian Ocean.

Which oceans do not border the US?

The United States does not touch the Indian Ocean, or the Arctic Ocean(very far north). Also the waters that surround Antarctica, now called the Southern Ocean (very far south) is not bordered by the United States.

What ocean does not touch the US?

The Indian Ocean and the Southern Ocean.

What ocean never borders the US?

The Indian Ocean never borders the US.

What ocean does not form a boundary with the US?

the indian ocean

What ocean does no state in the US touch?

The Indian Ocean.

What ocean is off the east of the US?

Indian ocean!

What ocean is farthest south?

from the us... the Indian ocean

Is the Indian Ocean in the US?


What oceans does not touch the US?

Indian ocean and southern ocean

Does the Atlantic Ocean Pacific Ocean and Indian ocean border the US?

The Atlantic Ocean borders the USA to the east and the Pacific Ocean borders the USA to the west. The Indian Ocean does not border the USA.

How far did the Indian ocean tsunami travel?

Well It took 7hours to cross the Indian ocean and then it travelled around the world 3times and carried on for 40hours

Which of the four major oceans does not boader the US?

The US is not bordered by the Indian Ocean or the Southern Ocean.

What ocean does the us not border?


Where was the Indian Ocean tsunami located?

The Indian Ocean tsunami impacted almost every country around the Indian Ocean. Worst hit were Indonesia, Thailand, India, and Sri Lanka, but there was damage as far away as Madagascar and Mozambique.

Does the Indian Ocean border the US?

No the Indian Ocean is the only ocean to be entirely in one hemisphere, that being the Eastern. It is surrounded by Asia, Australia, and Africa.

What are the four oceans that border the US?

Arctic ocean,Pacific ocean,Atlantic ocean and the Indian ocean

Which ocean does not touch the US?

The Indian Ocean does not touch the United States of America.

How far south did Alexander's empire extended?

To Egypt and the Indian Ocean.

If you are in the US What is on the other side of the earth?

the Indian ocean

How far is the Atlantic Ocean from the US?

It is adjacent(next to) the US.

What is the nearest ocean to Pakistan?

The Arabian Sea is closest to Pakistan, which is part of the Indian ocean.

Which of the four oceans does not touch the US?

The Indian Ocean I believe.

What of these oceans lies between us and Asia the Indian ocean the Atlantic ocean or the pacific ocean?

.Who do you mean by us? You could mean people in Africa, Russia, Vanuatu, Scotland...

What 4 major oceans do not border the US?

The largest ocean in the world is Pacific Ocean. Based on size it is followed by the Atlantic Ocean, Indian Ocean, Southern Ocean and the Arctic Ocean. The U.S. is bordered by the Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean and the Arctic Ocean. It is not bordered by the Indian Ocean or the Southern Ocean.