How far is the Moon from the Earth?

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A lunar distance (LD) is an astronomical measurement of the distance from the Earth to the Moon. The average distance from Earth to the Moon is 384,403 kilometers or 238,857 miles, but the actual distance varies over the course of the orbit of the moon. Depending on the Moon's location in its orbit, it is between 225,623 and 252,088 miles away from Earth. This is about 30 times the diameter of the Earth.

Measurements of the lunar distance are made by measuring the time it takes for light to travel between the LIDAR stations on Earth and the retroreflectors placed on the Moon. Experiments show that the Moon is spiraling away from Earth at an average rate of 3.8 cm per year.

Orbital distances are calculated between the center of the Earth and the center of the Moon. So the actual surface-to-surface distance is shorter by about 7457 kilometers (4634 miles).
Because tides spin faster than the Moon moves, the tidal reaction pulls the Moon forward a tiny bit. The moon recedes at a rate of approximately 3.8 cm (1.5 inches) per year. When there was only one continent, the rate was less.
The moon is on an elliptical orbit, so it it not consistently the same distance from earth. When the moon is the closest to earth, it is 225,623 miles away; when the moon is farthest away from earth, it is 252,088 miles away.
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How far has the Moon moved from the Earth?

The Moon is slowly moving away from the Earth in its orbit. The average change is currently about 38 mm per year, or about 38 km every million years.

How far away is the moon from the earth in km?

From the center of the earth to the center of the moon, the approximate distance is 384,403 km. But it depends on the whether the moon is at its furthest point or its closest point, as it ellipses around the earth.

Why do people on earth never see the far side of the moon?

The moon always revolves around the earth with the same side facing the Earth. The reason is because the moon's period of rotation is the same as its orbital period around the earth. The moon rotates once on its axis every month. As an orbiting body, if the moon did not rotate on its axis, its orbit ( Full Answer )

How far will the moon be from the earth ten million years from now?

in ten million years the earth probably wont be here.. in ten million years the earth probably wont be here.. in ten million years the earth probably wont be here.. in ten million years the earth probably wont be here.. in ten million years the earth probably wont be here.. in ten million years ( Full Answer )

How would solar eclipses be different if the Moon were twice as far from Earth?

At that time, total solar eclipses will not happen; they will be a thing of the past. That time is coming; the moon is very slowly moving farther and farther from earth. There would be no Total Solar eclipse if the moon were twice as far from the earth, the reason is that the earth would never fal ( Full Answer )

Why is the far side of the moon never seen from earth?


How far away was the sun from the moon from the earth?

\n The average distance from earth to the moon is 384,400 km (238,900 miles ). The average distance from earth to the sun is 150 million km (93,000,000 miles). The moon revolves around earth, so distance to the sun is around 93 million miles (+/- 238,900 miles).

How far does the moon travel in one orbit around the earth?

A rough calculation: Mean radius = 238,000 miles Circumference = 2 pi R = 476,000 pi = 1.495 million miles . Verrrry interesting ! . If you could straighten out the moon's whole orbit around the earth, it would span only about 1.6 percent of the distance to the sun !

How far is the moon from earth in light years?

The average distance to the Moon is 384,399 kilometres = 4.06318742 × 10 -8 light years (Note the minus) The moon is only a tiny fraction of one light year from earth. It takes light from the sun eight minutes to reach earth, and the moon is much closer to earth than the sun. Measuring such a ( Full Answer )

Why is the moon so far from the earth?

The moon is far away because if it were to close then the gravity from earth would pull it in to use amd destroy the earth. And the moons graviy pull that it has on earth already affects the ocean, for example at night the oceans level is higher. hope this help and if anyone has a better explainatio ( Full Answer )

How far is Venus away from the Moon to the Earth?

The moon can be anywhere between 1 / 4 million miles farther and 1 / 4 million miles closer to Venus than Earth is. That's a range of roughly 1.9% of the closest that Venus can ever approach Earth.

How far is IO Jupiters moon from earth?

Earth and Jupiter orbit the sun at different distances and speeds so the distance from Earth to Jupiter itself varies a lot. On average, the distance of any moon of Jupiter to the Earth is the distance from Earth to Jupiter.

How far is the moon Phobos from earth?

Phobos orbits Mars. So the distance between Earth and Phobos isessentially the same as the distance between Earth and Mars. Thisdistance varies from 3-1 AU (astronomical units) to 3+1 AU. . One AU is about 93 million miles.

How would a lunar eclipse be different if the moon were twice as far away from the earth?

It would last longer. Answer: The distance and size of the moon and sun are important for the appearance of eclipses. A total solar (moon between the Earth and the sun) eclipse only is impressive because the apparent diameter of the moon and the moon can block out the entire sun. For a lunar ecl ( Full Answer )

How far is earth from the moon and the sun?

1. Earth-Moon distance From Earth Center (EC) to Moon in km: Moon is a natural satellite of earth. For anysatellite, to predict its instantaneous distance from earth requires its ephemeris data which indicates thesatellite's orbital parameters known as Keplerian elements. The ephemeris data acquir ( Full Answer )

How would a solar eclipse be diferretnt if the moon were twice as far from Earth?

If the moon were twice as far from Earth, then it could never appear large enough to cover the entire disk of the sun. The best solar eclipse you could have ... with the center of the moon exactly crossing the center of the sun ... would be the 'annular' type, where the moon appears as a black disk ( Full Answer )

Is the moon at apogee near or far away from earth?

The word "apogee" is used to describe the farthest point away from Earth , while perigee is the closest point to Earth. This is used to describe the parameters of satellite orbits around the Earth. Both values may change due to gravitational variations. The word apogee is the adaptation of the ( Full Answer )

How far is the earths moon from mercury?

Varying from the the distance from the Earth to the Moon + the distance from the sun to the earth + the distance from mercury to the sun, to the distance from the earth to the sun - the distance from mercury to the sun - the distance from the earth to the moon

Can earth send direct signals to the far side of the moon?

No. This was demonstrated during the Apollo program when the capsule moved around to the dark side and NASA lost contact briefly. Radio contact requires line of sight, or some means of reflective transmission such as satellite to satellite to move it around obstructions in orbit. Simply put.

How large is the moon and how far is it from the Earth?

The volume of the moon is 2 .1958 × 10 10 km 3 ( 0.020 Earths), the surface area is 3.793 × 10 7 km 2 (0.074 Earths), the mass is 7.3477 × 10 22 kg (0.0123 Earths) and the equatorial circumference is 10,921 km. The moon is an average distance of 384,400 km (238,900 mi) fr ( Full Answer )

When will the moon be too far to effect earth?

Not for thousands of years ! It's 'drifting' away at the rate of1.5 inches a year. By the time it's too far away to affect theearth, the sun will have already swallowed the eath up as it growsinto a red giant !

Will the earth look like a moon far away?

No. From any distance where you can still see surface features, the Earth has a lot of blue on it, as well as large areas of clouds that constantly move around and change their shape and size. The moon has none of that. No other planet looks quite like iteither.