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its about 3 to 4hrs.

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How far is a train ride from north London to west London?

About 45 minutes by Tube. If there are no signal failures on your line.

How far in km does it take to travel from London to Paris by ferry and train?

9000 KM

How far in France does the Euro train go?

The Eurostar train runs from London to Paris roughly every hour.Other destinations from London are Lille, Avignon.

How far is Paris from London?

Paris to London: 213 mls / 343 kms bee-line flight time: London Heathrow - Paris Ch. De Gaulle: 1h 10m train travel: London St.Pancras - Paris Gare du Nord: 2h 35m road travel: 250 mls / 402 kms: est. 5h 15m

How long does it take to get from London to Zurich on the Euro star Train?

The Euro Star only goes as far as Paris, so you would have to change trains (and stations) in Paris to get to Zurich.

How far is Victoria train station to London?

Victoria Station is IN London.

Is there a high speed boat from Paris to London?

No. Paris is many miles from the sea, on a river which is navigable by ocean-going craft only as far as Rouen, and which flows into the English Channel 150 miles from London. There is, however, a high speed train, Eurostar.

How far is a plane ride from London to Belgium?

London to Brussels is about 200 miles.

How far is Cambridge from Heathrow?

From Heathrow to London - about 15 minutes by train from London to Cambridge - about 45 minutes by train

How far from London Waterloo to London Victoria train station?

About 2 miles

How far from London to chertsey?

50 mins by train

How far is Exeter to London by train?

About 200 miles

How far by train from London to Southampton?

About 80 miles

How far is it from London England to Paris France?

289 miles

How far is it from London to Norfolk?

approx 2 hours by train

As the crow flies how far is it from London to Paris?

216 miles London Heathrow Airport (LHR) to Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG)

How far from London Victoria train station to London Victoria coach station?

About 200 yards

How far is Beijing to nanning by train?

Not sure exactly in miles/km but you are looking at about a 29 hour train ride

How far by train is London st pancras to bedford?

About 1 hour.

How far is Munich from London by train?

On the Eurostar, you can travel from Munich, Germany to London, UK in about 10 hours.

How far is it from London Gatwick airport to Paris CDG airport?

247.8 miles

How far is it by eurostar from London to Paris?

Approx 2 hours 15 minutes

How far is it from London England to windsor by train?

It varies between 24 and 53 minutes depending on which train you catch.

How far is scarsdale from Manhattan?

About a half-hour/fotry-five minute train ride in.

How far is Evian France from Paris France by train?

Between 4h15 and 5h15 long

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