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How far is twenty nine palms to Grand CAnyon?

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It is 351 (three hundred fifty-one) miles from Los Angeles, CA to 29 Palms.

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What state is next to Twentynine Palms CA?

Arizona will be east of Twenty-Nine Palms (or Twenty-Nine Stumps as we in the old Corps would say). Nevada will be at a northeastern direction as the crow flies.

What is travel distance from twenty nine palms to Palm Springs?

42 miles across SR-62 (Twentynine Palms Hwy) WEST.

How many square miles is twenty nine palms?

Square miles is a measurement of AREA. The "palm" is an ancient Egyptian (and English) measurement of LENGTH / DISTANCE. Thus the two can not be equated.

What is another close airport to palm desert besides ONT and the one in Palm Springs?

twenty-nine palms

What was the song twenty nine palms written about?

Written about Alannah Myles (When I hear your voice on the radio). She and Robert were together for a while.

What is the halfway point between Glendale AZ and Los Angeles CA?

Desert Center or Twenty Nine Palms, CA

When did John Wesley Powell go to the Grand Canyon?

In 1867 with nine aides and 4 boats.

Where within California is 29 Palms located?

29 Palms is a U.S. city located in San Bernardino County, California. It can be found on State Route 62, 20 miles east of Yucca Valley. The city used to be called Twenty-nine Palms, but the spelling was later changed to Twentynine Palms.

What is the driving distance from ST George Utah to Twenty-Nine palms CA?

The route with the shortest driving time is about 300 miles.

What are the largest Marine Corps bases in the US?

Camp Lejuene, North Caroline Twenty-nine Palms, California Camp Pendelton, California

How do you write twenty-nine thousand twenty-nine?


What part of California is twenty-nine palms in?

Southern California in the Mojave Desert north of Palm Springs and Joshua Tree National Park. The Nothernmost border of the base 29 Palms border US 40 and Historic Route 66.

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