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I was 2 months pregnant when I started getting faint positives. So about 8 weeks into your pregnancy.

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Q: How far pregnant can you be and still get a negative on the test if you have periods every 3 to 4 months while not using protection?
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Is it possible to have periods for 3 months have a pregnancy after the 3rd month get negative results and still be pregnant?

If you have had your periods and a negative result, it is unlikely that you are pregnant

Could you be pregnant if your last three periods were all late or really early and you have most of the symptoms but the home test is negative?

if you are preganent you stop having periods for, oh about nine months

Could you be 3 to 4 months pregnant and have a PT show up negative and still have shorter or lighter periods?

Unlikely but still possible

Can you still be pregnant even if every hCG test shows negative?

Yes you can. I'm 18 and 3 months pregnant. I was starting off with my regular periods but, out of the blue my periods just stopped for 6 months I took a home pregnancy test(hpt) it came out negative. So I went to the doctor to get a blood test done and found out I was 3 MONTHS PREGO I asked my doctor why did I have a negative result and it was because my hcg levels were not high enough for the hpt to detect the pregnancy. So the answer to your question is yes you can be pregnant

Could you be pregnant if you're on your period but you feel pregnant?

Yes you can ----lots of women have their periods while being pregnant ---some have their periods for up to 4 months.

Could a girl be pregnant if you had protected sex but no symptoms of pregnancy and 2 hcg tests 5 weeks after having sex are negative but she has no periods for 2 months and her periods are irregular?

Some clarification of the question has been deleted. It is extremely UNlikely that the girl is pregnant.

Can you be pregnant if you have missed 2 months of periods ... and how likely?

Unless you usually have irregular periods, it's very likely that you're pregnant.

Could you be pregnant if you haven't had your period in two months and your periods have been irregular before but not this bad and you have no pregnancy symptoms?

yes you could be pregnant. some woman dont experience any symptoms at all. do a test. if its negative see your doctor to find out why your periods are late.

If you have periods for two months after sex but the second one is shorter can you be pregnant?


What causes no period for months?

if you are pregnant it can cause you to miss some periods

Can one fall pregnant 4 days after her periods?

Yes. You can become pregnant at any day of the months.

How many periods do you miss when you are pregnant?

When your pregnant you miss 10 months of periods but as soon as you give birth you are back to odd premenstrals again. Hope this helps

How did you know that you get pregnant?

Your periods stop and then 9 months later a baby appears.

Can you be pregnant and the pregnancy test say you're not pregnant also not having your period for 3 months?

If you are thinking you are 3 months pregnant and a preg test still shows negative, then this cannot be the case. It is possible a preg tes will not show positive until you are 6 weeks alone (if you have low HCG levels), but not 12 weeks. If you "feel" pregnant, and you are still testing negative, it could be a phantom pregnancy, or there could be something wrong with your periods.

Can you be TWO MONTHS pregnant and have a negAtive blood test?


Can you be 3 months pregnant and the tests come out negative?


Can you be 4 or 5 away from your AF test negative with an early detection pregnancy test and still possibly be pregnant?

Yes definitely. You can be 2 months pregnant (providing you've missed your periods) and be pregnant. Best thing to do is see your MD for a blood test.

If you came of the pill 4 months ago and your periods were regular for 2 months after this but this month you are late why is this?

you may be pregnant

Can you be three months pregnant and still get negative ultrasound result?

i am 6 months pregant,,i know i am and i had an ultrasound and it came out negative i was getting worried about it..

Periods 16 days late 3 negative hpts protected sex I also have been exercising a lot and I stopped taking yaz 3 months ago pregnant?

It is not considered abnormal for periods to be late without being pregnant so if the test are negative you probably are not pregnant. for some people just the stress of worry can be enough to cause this to happen. never the less it would probably be a good idea to get the advice of a doctor on this.

Can you have a period for 5 months straight and be pregnant?

no!! ---- You most likely were not pregnant during those months where you had normal periods. That does not preclude you from being pregnant now, however. If you are concerned that you are pregnant, take a pregnancy test and find out for sure.

Could you get pregnant just on kissing each other and miss periods for 3 months?


Can you still get pregnant at 52 years old if you have had no periods for 18 months?

liver diease

If you just had a breastfed baby 4 months ago and your periods came back when he was two months and now I havent gotten my period could I be pregnant or did my periods delay because of breastfeeding?

yes you could be pregnant. get a pregnancy test to be sure.

Why would you get a negative test if you were 5 months pregnant?

Cheap test?