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Look as far as possible to scan for any dangers, look too close, things move to fast, looking further ahead means things come slower

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10-12 second

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How tire sensor resets on 07 dodge sprinter?

They "reset" while driving at highway speeds.They "reset" while driving at highway speeds.

While driving you should look 10 to 15 seconds ahead of you?

Sure, and to your left, right and behind you.

How far ahead does the manual say you should look while driving your truck?

12 to 15 seconds

Can you read a nook while driving on the highway?

If you mean Book... Then it is inadvisable to read while driving, under any circumstances.

The distance you should look ahead of your vehicle while driving amounts to about what fraction of a mile at high speeds?

Two blocks

If you have a blowout while driving you should?

If you have a blowout while driving you should?

What is the gas mileage for the 2009 Toyota Tundra?

The gas mileage for the 2009 Toyota Tundra depends on whether you are driving in the city or on the highway. In city driving will get you 15mpg while Highway driving will get you 19mpg.

While driving how should you measure your following distance between cars?

The rule that i always follow, is 3 seconds behind the car ahead of you !!

Driving under the influence of anger can be as dangerous as driving under the influence of alcohol?

Driving while angry can make you have a lack of focus on the road ahead of you.

What is over drive and when do you use it?

its 4th gear in an automatic. its used to cut down on gas usage while driving on the highway or just every day driving. it should automatically engage when in D4 on the shift column.

What should you always look out for while driving?

While driving, you should always be on the lookout for other drivers. You should also be on the lookout for pedestrians.

Why causes your Honda Odyssey steering wheel to shake while driving on the highway?

Wheels are out of balance

Texting while driving is very dangerous and should be outlawed.?

Texting while driving is very dangerous and should be outlawed.

What will you do if while driving on a highway within a business or residential district and there is a pedestrian crossing the highway within a crosswalk?

You will stop and give the pedestrain the right-of-way.

Can you hit the highway with your car pulling to the right while driving?

It depends on how hard the pull is. It would be safest to get your vehicle fixed before getting on the highway.

Which problem makes a car want to jump ahead while driving?

cruise control that is stuck on.

Should you text while driving?


What should you do when you feel sleepy while driving?

If you are feeling sleepy while driving, you should pull over as soon as it is safe to do so.

What should you do if the front right wheel of your vehicle runs off the pavement while driving down the highway?

Apply the brakes immediately and swing the back onto the pavement quickly

Is it better on gas to use cruise control in town or highway?

In regard to Cruise, your best mileage will be to use it while you are highway driving. You can save quite a bit of gas in city driving by doing slower accelerations from stops.

Is it illegal to use a calculator while driving?

Not very different from texting while driving. If it isn't it should be.

Should students use cell phones while driving?

No one should use cell phones while driving. Cell phone use while driving has been shown to cause as many accidents as drunk driving, even when hands-free devices are used. Texting while driving is even worse.

Should your Country Ban Texting While Driving?

no, you should not text while driving. when you try to concentrate on the phone and on the road you get confused and lose control

What does a solide yellow line to the right of the center line of the highway mean?

No passing when driving in that direction while it is solid.

Why does my Dodge Dakota stall out when I slow down or stop and stumbles while driving down the highway?

Oxygen censor

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