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By fermenting it with certain anaerobic bacteria.

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Does human waste produce methane gas?

Yes - the decomposition of human waste is known to produce methane.

What waste gas does a copperhead produce?

CO2 and methane...

How farm wastes can be used to produce methane gas?


What gas can be produce from the manure of some farm animals such as pigs?


How do you produce electricity from biodegradable waste?

Biodegradable waste can be digested by bacteria which will produce methane as a byproduct; methane is a flammable gas that can be used as fuel to run a turbine that generates electricity.

What gas does the body produce as waste?

C O2 from your lungs & Methane from your digestion

Do landfills contain methane?

yes, the break down of waste produces methane, some countries utilise this gas to produce electricity.

What waste products do tigers produce?

Probably the same as humans - CO2 and methane gas (through their excrement).

What type of archaebacteria produce methane gas?

Does Archaebacteria have methane gas?

What gas is expelled by farm animals?

Methane .

What animals release methane?

Cows produce methane gas!

What is the benefit of using methane gas?

farmers can use methane gas to produce electricity

What gas does a cow produce?

Methane .

Is methane a drug?

No. Methane is a combustible natural gas. Methane can be produced by rotting waste products, Sometimes, animal waste (manure) is used on farms to produce methane which is then used for heating and to make electricity. You may be confusing the name with methamphetamine, often called "Meth" which is a very addictive illegal drug.

What gas can be produced from the manure of some farm animals such as pigs?

the gas produced from farm manure is biogas methane

What type of gas do cows produce?


What does a landfill produce?

The gas is called Methane

How methane gas produce?

A cow farts.

WhaT kind of gas do humans produce?


Where does methane come from?

Methane is a naturally occurring gas and emitted by sources like wetlands. Livestock produce methane as do natural gas systems.

How does man make methane?

Methane is made from waste,such as:sewer gas,rotting food or animals.

What Gas is produced as a waste product by certain bacteria?


What gas is generated from the decomposition of waste material in landfill?


What gas is generated from from the anaerobic digestion of animal waste?


What gas does to a cow produce?

Methane if i splet it write