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On average, at about the rate that fingernails grow, approximately 3-4 cm per year. This is variable, however, often even across an individual plate, from between 1-2 cm per year for the slowest moving plates to around 10 cm per year for the fastest.

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Q: How fast are the earth's tectonic plates moving?
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How fast do earths tectonic plates move?

between 2.5cm/year and 15cm

How fast are the plates moving?

The plates are moving 4 to 6 cm per year

Is tectonic plates a slow or fast change?

Slow ... except for earthquakes.

Is tectonic plates a slow or fast change?

Tectonic plates move very slowly, but earthquakes are quite sudden. So, there are elements of slow change and fast change. Continental drift is slow.

How fast do tectonics plates move?

tectonic plates mover SUPER SLOW usually on a couple of centimeters a year

How fast is the earths moon moving?

Like I know that.....

Which way is Australia's tectonic plate moving and how fast?

they are moving south and west at the same time

Do earths plates move fast?

2.5 centimeters per year

Are the plates moving faster?

over millions of years the plates have moved some what fast

How fast are the plates moving cm per year?


How fast is the north America plate moving?

The North American plate is moving very slowly, only about one inch per year. Other tectonic plates are moving much faster; up to eight or nine inches per year.

How fast do many continents move in a year?

The continents are always moving on top of vast tectonic plates. They move at a rate similar to how fast a human's fingernails grow. Every year they move a few centimeters more.

How fast were the plates moving?

4 to 6 cm per year

Why are the plates near Haiti moving so fast?

They aren't moving faster than other plates, they actually weren't moving because of a snag between the two that gave way and caused an earthquake.

How fast is the Scotia plate moving per year?

It moves extremely slowly as do all the plates

How fast does the plates move per year in the response to the movement in the earths mantle?

a few cent. per year...

How fast do tectonic plates move?

Tectonic plates move about the same rate that finger nails or your hair grows (centimeters per year). However, it varies from plate to plate. Some move at 3 centimeters while other's move around 6.

How fast is everest growing?

Mount Everest grows about 4mm every year due to the upward thrust generated by two opposing tectonic plates.

How fast is the fastest tectonic plate moving?

Both the Cocos and the Nazca plates of the eastern Pacific (near Central America are moving at up to 10 to 15 cm (4 to 6 inches) yearly. The average speed of plate movements is much less, around 1 to 4 cm per year.

How fast do tectonic plates move-?

About 2 to 5 centimeters per year (1 to 2 inches per year), about the same speed that your fingernails grow. We know, then, that the outermost part of Earth consists of a series of large slabs (tectonic plates; lithospheric plates) that move slowly over the globe, powered by flow in the interior mantle.

How fast do the tectonic plates move in relation to each other?

This varies from plate to plate. Some move at about the speed your fingernails grow, some much faster.

Are dingoes fast moving or slow moving?

fast moving

How is gps used to show sea floor spreading and plates moving?

It is Satelite so it sees when it moves and how fast it moves

Are the size and shape of the continents the same as the size and shape of the plates?

No, there are several more plates than continents (twelve I think) and the plates include both oceans and land. Earthquakes are the result of plates moving, but don't worry, plates do not move fast, only about a centimeter a year.

Is jackals a fast moving or a slow moving?