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i have a cbr 600 f4 year 2000 i top it out at 310 the bike has a few go fast bits my m8 has a zx 600 2005 i got it 2 315 but had no more room hope this helps


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Your VIN is to a 2005 600cc, FZ6- Super Sport, Street Motorcycle.

A 600cc dirt bike may go as fast as 120 or more miles per hour. Dirt bikes are generally geared a little lower than street bikes, so the top end would be a little less.

Any cruiser or tourer over 600cc.

Heck yea yuppie stop smoking the pole and ride

The real tron motorcycle can hit 120 MPH.

how much dose it cost. 1997 Honda motorcycle 600

Each states driving laws differ but everyone I know of requires a motorcycle licences or endorsement to be legal.

The ferrari motorcycle is said to have a top speed of 160 miles per hour.

A mini motorcycle goes about 54mph

The FZ6 Fazer is a 600cc motorcycle built by Yamaha. This bike was first introduced in 2004 and was built through the 2009 model year. In 2010 it was replaced by the FZ6R.

Yes, it is legal to ride a 600cc motorbike in the U.K at 21 providing you have passed the necessary training courses. To ride bikes with engine capacities greater than 750 you must be over 25.

The Triumph Spitfire motorcycle can go as fast as 95 miles per hour. In less than 16 seconds, it can go from zero to 60 miles per hour, which is pretty fast.

It's a class of small race cars/carts using generally 600cc motorcycle engines.

my guess it has a max speed of 140-160mph

My 2004 XR80R, dirtbike, went around 45mph.

Suzuki hayabusa it is the fast motorcycle in the world. This motorcycle looks heavy but it is light and your ride is with ease. This motorcycle has fast speed and must be handled carefully when riding.

A Motorcycle Boot is really cool thing. If you try it you can see how fast you can go over the water and how much time you can save with motorcycle boots.

You can get an online quote from: or go to There are too many variables since not all sport bikes are rated the same by insurers; for instance: if the the model of the motorycle has an "R" in the name it will be more expensive to insure even if it is similar to other 600cc sport bikes. GSXR600, CBR600RR, YZFR6, ZX6R - you get the idea.

Yes, until the motorcycle crashes or stops and as fast as is necessary.

600cc is 20.29 fluid ounces.

ya just use 10w 40 synthetic but make sure its for a 4 cylinder motor

The amount of cc will influence the accelaration and the gears will influence the speed you can reach. You could go very fast with a 125 cc bike, but it will normally take you longer to reach that speed than with a 1100 cc motorcycle. dmx

A stock 250 suzuki will hit highest 70s to 80s.

There is not a conversion from cc to mph, but a 150 cc motorcycle will go about 70 mph.

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