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The average car can go anywhere from 110mph to 160mph in America. There are faster cars of course, but that's the average American's car speed.

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How fast can a average car go?


How fast is an an average car?

An average car will go 0-60 in about 8.4 seconds

How fast does the average car go on the motorway?

65 mph

How fast does an average race car go?

It would depend on what type of race car.

How fast does the present day family car go?

120 mph is about average for a family car.

How fast does the average race car go?

184 mph-230 mph

How fast does an average car go?

well top speed between 120 - 155

How fast does an average amph ibious car go in the water?

Maximum upto 30mph

Is 20 mph fast for an RC car?

It is quite fast for the average RC car except for now there are RC cars are available to go 100 MPH

How fast is the wave board?

as fast as you can make it go or if you get pulled along by a car on 1 you can go as fast as the car can go

Why are car fast?

the actual car is not fast, it is the human driving that decides to make it go "fast"

How fast can your car go?

Depends on what car you have.

Are cheetahs very fast?

Extremley Fast! Cheetas are about as fast as a average speed on a car.

Is a 5 cylinder car fast?

It depends what your definition of fast is. Most any car can go fast.

How fast does a formula 1 car go?

around 350km/hr...that fast a formula one car can go

How fast can a car go with 224 horsepower?

about that fast

How fast can average car go?

"Average" is subjective. Let's go with one of the best selling cars in 2013 the Toyota Camry 4 cylinder, 110 top speed

How fast can a 1930s car go?

Same with any car, as fast as you can afford to make it. :)

How long to go 300 miles by car?

this depends on how fast your average speed is 300 miles / average speed in mph = how many hours you will travel

Can a solar car go as fast as gas car?


How fast is an average car speed driving on the highway?

Generally, the average car speed is whatever the speed limit is. While some go over and under, others stay right on the speed limit, making it the average.

How fast does a 18CXP engine go?

how fast dose a 15cxp nitro car engine go in kph and how fast dose an 18cxp nitro car engine go in kph

How fast can a smart car go?

a smart car is small it hold two seats but it can go up to 200miles and its fast

How fast is 161MPH in a car?

161 MPH in a car is pretty fast. Normally, only performance cars will go that fast.

How fast does the average tractor go?

it can go 30 mp that's how fast mine can go

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