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Great White Sharks can swim up to twenty miles per hour and need to attain this speed to launch their massive bodies out of the water. This type of jumping is typically done as a surprise attack on an unsuspecting seal.

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How fast do great white sharks eat?


What shark is the most fast swimer?

the blue sharks and mako sharks. the can swim and leap out of water going 60 mph. a great white can only go about 25mph.

How fast do great white sharks swim?

According to scientists it is 25 mph.

How fast can Great White Sharks swim?

The maximum speed one can swim is about 40 km/h.

What is the great white sharks speed?

15 mph100mph60kmScientist don't really know how fast a Great White Shark really is. But they have clocked a Great White at at least 25 mph.

Who will win great white or tiger shark?

well tiger shark was the same size but great white shark was fast and was stronger if it was a group the tiger shark would win but the great white shark will win but great white sharks are not as big as jaws because jaws was fake!the sharks where back with the crocodilian and the dinosaurs but they lived

When great white sharks lose there teeth how does it grow back?

They can grow it back easily. The replacement tooth grows fast.

How fast can a great white shark swim in the ocean and how dangerous is the great white?

The Great White Shark is the most dangerous fish in the ocean. It is known to attack humans and boats. But they often get confused. They think that people on surfboards look like a struggeling fish and the the shark attacks them. It is estimated that a Great White Sharks can swim 15 miles an hour.

How fast does a great white shark move?

a great white shark moves at the speed of 43mph

Why are sharks such fast swimmers?

Blue sharks

How does a great white shark raise its young?

Great White Sharks provide no parental care except to train the pups to swim fast by eating the slow ones.ANS2:The great white shark mother does not care for her young. they swim away right after birth ANS3:No, sharks lay eggs which into hatch miniature baby sharks which then fend for themselves. ANS4:They are fully independent at birth, and received no maternal care.

How shallow can sharks attack?

As long as they can swim fast and no part of the body goes out of the water

How fast can a great white swim?

183 ft

Does a great white shark move fast?


Why are great white sharks great hunters when they're catching prey?

They have a very good technique for cathcing their food. Stealthy and fast they come at their prey from beneath, before the creature is able to react. This makes the great white sharks great hunters. And another factor is that they have a great sense of smell, thus enabling them to feel bloodscent from several miles away. This way, they are able to find presumably wounded prey that makes an easier catch. They wont react to the smell, however, if they are not motivated by an empty stomach.

What fish is much powerful than the great white shark?

Well, a Great White Shark can grow up to 22 feet, and weigh up to 5,000 pounds. A Killer Whale(Orca), however, can grow up to 32 feet, and weigh up to 12,000 pounds. The fact of the matter is that a Great White Shark would have absolutely no chance against a Killer Whale. A Killer Whale is too big, too fast, and too strong for even the largest and strongest Great White Sharks. Fun Fact: Killer Whales have actually been known to attack, kill, and eat Great White Sharks. I hope this answered your question.

Which is more dangerous a bull shark or a great white?

Great WhiteHas over 3,000 teeth so it they take a bite on something it is not coming outSpeed goes up to15- 25 mph so it can chance down pray fastSharks are famous for their remarkably acute sense of smellAnd with all these thing it is no reason that the great white shark is the most dangerous shark of our life time

How fast does a great white shark swim?

The body of the great white shark is shaped like a torpedo and built for speed. The average great white tops out at approximately 35 mph.

What physical characteristics do great white sharks have to get food?

They don't stop moving. They have three rows of sharp teeth and replace loose or dull teeth in the front row with others from the back. They are fast. Have a strong sense of smell...

How do sharks swim fast?

They have fins.

How fast do sharks grow?


How are sharks so fast?

They have a streamlined shape which reduces water resistance. Their fins are sharp and thin so they can cut through the water at top speed.

How fast can a great white shark swim?

23 miles per hour

How fast do nurse sharks swim?


What is a predator of Tuna Fish?

Some tuna species (such as yellowfin tuna and skipjack tuna but not albacore tuna) associate with dolphins in the ocean. This helps themto avoid being eaten by sharks, which are one of their predators. Sharks are strongly attracted to tuna fish, even if the tuna fish are not injured or bleeding. However, examination of the contents of the stomachs of various sharks indicates that tuna fish have evolved to swim too fast for sharks to catch up to them and end up being eatenby sharks only occasionally.Other predators of tuna fish include orcas (killer whales), false killer whales, pilot whales, bottlenose whales, bottlenose dolphins, and marlins but the giant, filter-feeding whales and sharks can only eat small fish, which are usually not small tuna fish. Also, sperm whales occasionally eat tuna fish but like sharks, they tend to be too slow to catch up to tuna fish in most situations.However, because of man's strong appetite for tuna fish, humans are the only real possible threat to the sustainability of tuna fishing.Interestingly, blue sharks can swim as fast as tuna fish. Also, seals can swim faster than great white sharks but end up being frequently eaten by great white sharks because great white sharks wait patiently and then ambush them from deep below by surprise. All predatory sharks like to pretend that they are just harmless filter feeders when a large school of fish approaches them.