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It depends on the wave. If it is electromagnetic wave it could travel at an incredible speed 300,000 km per second even through free space

But mechnical waves which need badly material medium travel at different speed depending on the wave and then medium

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Speed and Velocity affects how fast waves travel.

As fast as your momma runs. Not very fast!

really fast man. like super fast.

Normal waves travel between 5-60 MPH. Tsunami waves travel between 500-600 MPH.

-- radio waves-- microwaves-- heart waves-- infrared waves-- all of the visible colors-- ultraviolet waves-- X-rays-- gamma rays

sound waves travel through gas the slowest.sound waves travel through liquids slow and fast, in the middle.sound waves travel through solids the fastest.

Heat waves move/travel at 300,000km per second.

At c, the speed of light.

Sounds waves travel in all directions.

Earthquake waves travel in all directions.

Earthquake waves travel in all directions.

They travel at the speed of light. Radio waves are a form of light, but a much lower frequency than we can see with our eyes. Also Einstiens theory states that nothing can travel the speed of light however all waves travel the same speed making radio waves travel the speed of light. Hope this helps from scottadroid :D

Surface waves travel slower than P-waves even though they destroy buildings,houses etc. They move quickly.

Radio waves travel at the speed of light 300 Million meters/second, 300e6 meters/second

It happens because they travel very fast

They both travel in the form of waves, and they both travel very fast.

P-waves travel the fastest. This is also knows as a Primary waves, or compressional wave. P-wave stravel twice as fast as an S-wave

all electromagnetic waves travel at the same speed through space. This is the speed of light, or 300 000 000 m/s (3x108 m/s).

You'd have to say that the speed of sound waves in vacuum is zero, becausesound can't travel through vacuum at all. Not even an inch. Sound needs amaterial substance to travel through.

i have no idea ask another website

P waves travel about 1 to 5 miles per second. It depends on what they are traveling thru. They will travel thru solids, liquids, and gasses.

NO some waves like sound require matter to travel whereas light waves can travel in vacuum.

All electromagnetic waves travel at the speed of light.

Only electromagnetic waves can travel through a vacuum, and all electromagnetic waves are transverse waves. Therefore, no, longitudinal waves cannot travel through a vacuum.

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