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10 mph

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โˆ™ 2012-07-28 23:40:27
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Q: How fast do olympic crew teams go?
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How fast do crew sculling boats go?

10 naughts

What is the average weight of a man who rows crew?

the average olympic rower is around 92kg. Im 95kg but it really all depends on where you operate the best at with you power to weight ratio, you dont need to be heavy to go fast.

Why is nylon used in olympic swimming suits?

Coz it makes you go fast.

How fast do olympic skiiers go?

In Slalom and Giant Slalom skiers can get over 120kms an hou.

How fast does a sail boat go?

It depends on many things, wind, crew, water, rigging etc

Is American football an olympic sport?

No, American Football is not an Olympic Sport. It would be fairly hard to become a new sport in the Olympics considering the schedule the teams/players/coaches go by.

How many numbers of players are there in a volleyball team?

in beach volleyball you usually go in pars and olympic volleyball is played in teams of 6

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A Crew-Cab SE model will do 112mph in stock configuration.

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You go to were the crew is dancing

How old do you have to be to go into olympic speed skating?

You just have to be fast enough, doesn't usually happen until your around 19-23.

How can you go in Olympic in shooting?

You have to win the Olympic trials.

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You have to go through training and go in a lineup and the driver picks you to be his crew member.

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go on and go to images and search up OLYMPIC RINGS.

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it can go as fast as a mustang can go

Where will the athletes go if te olympic games ended?

If the olympic games ended they would still do what they are doing like training but they just couldn't go in the olympic games.

How can you enter the Olympic swims?

Anyone who has an Olympic Trial cut off can go to the olympic trials, however, the top 2 finishers in the finals are the ones who go to the olympics.

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How fast can an Olympic Bicycle racer go?

on the flat mark cavendish(gb) can reach 45mph! on the velodrome and down hill im usure but id like toknow

How fast can a Pagini Zonda go?

how fast does a pagini zonda go how fast does a pagini zonda go