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It varies per food. And calories began to be absirbed with some foods, especially those easily broken down and liquids, within minutes of eating it.

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Q: How fast do you need to eliminate the food before any calories are absorbed?
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If you vomit after eating are any of the calories extracted from the food?

I read somewhere that some calories will be absorbed. You have to eliminate the food before it hits the intestinal tract. I'm looking for the same answers. How fast do you need to eliminate the food before any calories are absorbed. Usually within 30 minutes. It's not a good idea to do this. By being bulimic you can have malnutrition and dehydration which can lead to electrolyte imbalances and heart arrhythmias.

How fast does the body absorb calories?

It depends on the food. If you drink sugary water, the calories are absorbed within minutes. If the calories are in starch, it takes time (hours) to break them down. Calories in protein take longer.

Is alcohol absorbed by the body fast?


How fast is alcohol absorbed?


How fast does the body eliminate alcohol?

It depends on specific factors of a person's weight, what they had to eat before and after as well as the quantity and type of alcohol consumed.

How fast are calories absorbed?

It depends on what your doing. Probaly not a lot if your just sitting there. but if your in sports you will probaly absorb a lot It depends on what your doing. Probaly not a lot if your just sitting there. but if your in sports you will probaly absorb a lot

How many calories is an 11-year old girl supposed to have daily?

It's great that you are concern about calories at your age... as long as you aren't over concern. At 11 you are normally very active and that means that you burn a lot of calories. Your main focus should be on eating from your 4 basic food groups, cut down/out sugars, and try to eliminate process foods...(fast foods) however there are a few fast foods that's more healthy than others.

Why does fast food have calories?

Because everything we eat or drink, except for water, has calories.

What is the growing importance of fast food?


How much calories do burgers have?

Burgers will tend to have a lot of calories, especially fast food burgers. Probably around 300-400 calories.

Why do fast food makes people gain weight?

Fast food is typically very high in calories (the average fast food meal normally has about 1,000 calories), and any calories a person doesn't burn off ends up leading to weight gain. If they exercised the calories off, then it wouldn't make them gain weight. But most people normally don't burn all the calories they ate at that meal. However, fast food every once in a while is fine, and won't make you gain.

What are some natural and healthy weight loss solutions?

Eat less and exercise more. Eliminate unhealthy food, drink water, and count calories.

Do you lose calories with a fast heart?

Basically, yes. IF you get your heart rat up you will use more calories.

What are some of the most effective ways to burn calories fast?

The most direct way to burn calories fast is to take in fewer calories than you burn off. Increasing activity by taking the stairs, running, doing the eliptical are all quick ways to get rid of those calories.

What does metabolism mean in simple?

How fast you can burn calories

How fast you burn calories is called?

...your metabolic rate.

How do you lose calories fast?

By exercising and staying active.

How fast do people burn calories?

It depends what they dooooooo

How can you burn 200 calories fast?

Water exercise

How much calories do you burn running fast in one mile?

you actually will burn more calories running at a slower pace then fast but anywhere from 100 250 depending on weight

Why do you gain weight when you eat fast food?

Because fast foods are high on calories and fat.

How can you make your metabolism be fast again?

to burn more calories

How many calories does a 4 mile run burn for a 140 pound woman?

That's a fast mile. If you are fit enough to run that fast, I would say no more than 100 calories.

What is the average calories in fast foods?

Well, the calorie amount at a fast food resteraunt such as wendy's, mcdonalds, burger kings, arbys, ect, would be around 1,000 calories. A small milkshake at any fast food resteraunt would be 1,200. A meduim meal would 1,400, and a large would be around 2,000 calories.

How many calories do you burn swimming 0.5 miles?

There are many variables that affect the answer. Variables such as how fast your body uses calories. I would estimate about 200-300 calories.