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it will maybe go around 60-90 if your lucky

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how fast can 11o dune buggy go

90 to 100 depending who is riding

i have seen them go about 40-45.

My 2004 XR80R, dirtbike, went around 45mph.

No such thing as a 5-stroke dirtbike.

Probably faster than a 150cc kart

Any where from 30 to 45mph. It depends on what brand and the size of the rider.

Max Speed 37-39 mph... that's pretty fast for a go-cart.

It tops out about 50-80, really depends the bike and how much weight is on it.

A 150cc high speed motorbike can go 90km/hr. with a 6.0L fuel capacity 90km/hr translates to 55.9 mph.

There is not a conversion from cc to mph, but a 150 cc motorcycle will go about 70 mph.

well. iv ha many different bikes so out of all of them the lowest fun dirtbike would be the 150cc.

It all depends on gearing, drag, engine power, but 45mph should be easy

No, it takes a lot of horsepower to ride on loose sand.

A moped with a 150cc motor's top speed is approximately 85 MPH, and that's descending down a hill. It will average 60-70 MPH on flat surface.

Dirt bikes come in many different sizes are depending are the size you are. There are different sizes for example: 50cc, 80cc, 110cc, 125cc, 150cc, 250cc, 450cc.

Installing a bigger piston is one way to make a 150cc go faster. There are also kits that can be purchased to modify a 150cc to make it faster.

MPG stands for "Miles Per Gallon", That's a unit for fuel consumption, not Speed

Acceleration is comparable with a modern 4 stroke enduro 250 dirtbike. The top speed is approximately 60mph/100kmph with stock gearing

I'm 280lbs and I can go 55 on my 150cc chinese scooter comfortably.... it could probably go a little faster to 60mph, but I've never needed to go that fast on my commute. Its plenty fast for me and gets up to speed pretty quicky...I have no trouble keeping up with traffic on local roads with 35-45 mph speed limits. My 50cc on the other hand, that's a total dog. If you're going to be doing any freeway driving at 65+ mph, you might need to upgrade to a 250, but for everything else, the 150cc scooter will get you around town really well.

aprox. 35-45mph depending on make /yr and style.

The ´ace maxxam´ 125cc buggy, 12.5hp @ 7500 rpm, weighing 465 pounds, will go (apparently) 38-40mph (or up to 65 kmh).

That depends on the mass/size of the vehicle the engine is required to move.

That depends on the mass/size of the vehicle the engine is required to move.