How fast does a body deteriorate in a morgue?

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This depends on the type of morgue. Some morgues like those in most hospitals keep the body above freezing point and so decomposition still occurs just much slower than usual. These are for keeping bodies for around a week or so. Another type keeps bodies at below freezing like those used in forensic investigations to hold a body for a long period of time. The decomposition of the body is stopped while frozen.
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How fast can you detoxify your body with water?

Answer . \nYou don't detoxify your body on water (water flushes out impurities) but if you are serious about this seek out a Homeopathic doctor and they will help detoxify your system. To do this you must see the Homeopathic doctor and follow the rules you are given and keep those appointments.\ ( Full Answer )

If you get more sleep than your body requires will your muscles deteriorate?

Answer I think you were confusing the word 'catabolise' with metabolise or metabolism. And no, your muscles will not deteriorate or 'eat themselves' because of excess sleep although you will lose strength and muscle tone if you are sleeping instead of following your regular exercise or work-out ro ( Full Answer )

What is the temperature in a morgue?

Answer . The mortuary cold chamber is used to keep the deceased as long as is necessary for identification purposes, post-mortem examination, or while awaiting burial .. Morgue - Morgue or mortuary cold chamber There are two types of mortuary cold chambers:. Morgue - Positive temperature ( Full Answer )

How long is a body kept in a morgue?

A body is usually kept in a morgue for between 4 and 7 days.However, it is not uncommon for a body to be stored in a morgue forseveral months. This especially true if the next kin is trying tobe reached.

How fast does the body eliminate alcohol?

It depends on specific factors of a person's weight, what they had to eat before and after as well as the quantity and type of alcohol consumed.

Where can you find a morgue?

Most hospitals have a morgue. Depending on budget constraints and population sizes, some urban areas have only one morgue per capita.

How do you detox your body fast?

Detox is the process of eliminating harmful substances from thebody. Fast detox is achieved via consumption of fruit juice, waterand raw vegetables. The individual must avoid solid food for 1 to 5days.

How does fast food effect your body?

fast food effects your body because it is generally high in fat, sodium, and sugar content. These three qualities in excessive quantities are bad for your body, especially your waistline and your heart. Fast food is closely linked to heart disease, the obesity pandemic, and the dramatically increase ( Full Answer )

How fast does the body process food?

The speed at which the body processes food is dependent on quite afew bodily functions. The speed of digestion depends on metabolismand complexity of foods consumed.

How do fast foods hurt the body?

Fast food is very unhealthy for the body. It is very fattening anddoes not contain much nutritional value.

What factors determine how fast a rock will deteriorate?

The type of rock and climate influence how fast it will weather. Ifa rock is more permeable, it is more prone to deteriorating quicklybecause pockets of air leave a larger surface area to be damaged.The climate can break down rocks through wind and water.

What does a morgue assistant do?

A morgue or mortuary is a building or room (as in a hospital) used for the storage of human corpses. A morgue assistant is someone who assists/helps a pathologist who works in a morgue.

How do you make a great body fast?

Exercising of course! NEVER miss any meals . But do try too cut down on how much you eat SMALL propotions are better. & if you can eat 6-8 SMALL meals a day. NEVER starve yourself . Exercise at least 30-60min a day ! Not only would you loose weight , but you can stay healthy. Also , drink lots of WA ( Full Answer )

What does fasting do to your body?

Fasting causes your body to slow down it's metabolism and conserveas much energy as possible. It will gradually consume muscle andfat as an energy source.

What is a morgue assistant?

Places body in compartment tray of refrigerator or on autopsy table, using portable hoist and stretcher. Lays out surgical instruments and laboratory supplies for postmortem examinations. Washes table, storage trays, and instruments, sharpens knives, and replaces soiled linens. Records identifying i ( Full Answer )

How fast does the body absorb calories?

It depends on the food. If you drink sugary water, the calories are absorbed within minutes. If the calories are in starch, it takes time (hours) to break them down. Calories in protein take longer.

How long does it take a body to deteriorate in a coffin?

According to people that I have asked, it depends on the weather. Warmer months or seasons (spring and summer) , it will deteriorate faster. But if it's a colder time period, or season (fall or winter) , it will slack off because of the coldness.

How fast does a body deteriorate in a grave?

Depends upon different factors : mainly temperature and humidity.. Warmer = rapid deterioration. Humidity : moist soil seals the body from the air and preserves the body longer. The only exception is an extreme dry climate (like a desert) where the body can get mumyfied.

How do you release a body from a Florida morgue?

Some one close to that person is the only one that can get the body moved unless they can't get a hold of them then they will contact someone else to make a decision whether it not to move it or cremate it

Do hospitals have morgues?

Yes, most all hospitals do have a storage facility to temporarily store the bodies of those that die within the hospital. Except for the very largest teaching hospitals they are not very big, most being the size of a walk-in refrigerator.

Does hospital's have morgues?

Surprisingly, not every hospital has a morgue. When I was a mortician I have made removal from hospital without morgues.

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You didnt put it on overnight so it is almost impossible to lose it overnight. The reason I say "almost" is because there are always cosmetic procedures. The best way to lose the weight is through an exercise and nutrition plan and hard work.

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Fast food affects your weight, strength, speed, teeth, blood pressure, and your activeness. It affects your weight because fast food has barely any nutrients and it's full of fat so your body stores all of that fat. That's too much. It affects your strength because it has no vitamins, no nutrients, ( Full Answer )

What is an animal morgue?

A morgue is a place where dead bodies are stored. An animal morgueis a place where dead animals are stored.

What is The Beat Morgue?

The Beat Morgue is an on-line based music production company created by Tezzy Da Beast. They specialize in dirty south rap instrumentals. Their website is

How much does a person typically get paid for picking up dead bodies for the morgue?

It typically depends on how the person became deceased. Lets take a simple scenario where a person was in the middle of sexual intercourse and an apartment caught on fire, and furthermore caused the old man(81) to have a stroke. Which caused his heart to fail, and furthermore the young girl who is 1 ( Full Answer )

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If you mean something like running speed, then it is purely the relevant muscle's ability to push your limbs in that way. Ie, for running, your leg muscles are taken into account, your total body weight (in this case, the weight the legs have to push). Constant training, building up relevant muscles ( Full Answer )

What does slim fast do to your body?

Well, if your follow the exact instructions on the product and stick to an additional diet, you might get slim fast. The problem is, once you are finished with a cure, or you stop taking slim fast, you get fat fast again. It is called "the yo-yo- effect" and it will happen with every cure, exerci ( Full Answer )

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By eating a healthy, low fat diet enriched in whole grains and protien, along with exercise atleast 4 times a week. The exercise should be a combination of areobic exercise that gets your heart rate up for atleast 30 min (this burns calories and fat) and muscle building exercise. The more muscle mas ( Full Answer )

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How fast can asbestos affect your body?

It gets into your lungs and it depends how long your in the area where abestos is like I have a abandon hopsital down the road it's very creepy and it has abestos in the walls and they told people not to go in there so yeah don't go near places with abestos in the walls

Does your body disintegrate or deteriorate?

Your body deteriorates not disintegrate because deteriarating is like the decomposition when your in a grave. Disintegrating is almost like evaporating....

What can you use to get THC out of your body Fast?

alot of smoke shops carry detox pills or drinks that rid the body of the weed biproducts. also ive heared of cranberry juice with at least two gallons of watter prior to test

How fast can a human body travel?

If you mean to ask how fast a human body can travel under its own power, it is about 15 miles per hour (an extreme athletic accomplishment, which is much faster than most people can run). If you want to know how fast the human body can travel with the assistance of a vehicle, the only limit is the s ( Full Answer )

What can you do to help a person who's body is deteriorating?

Under a team of doctors 1) Cause of deterioration is established 2) Treatment is directed to remove the cause and to give nutrients and other support to correct the deterioration. 3) Proper method to monitor the progress.

How do you get cannabis out of your body fast?

Sorry, but cannabis is one of the slowest drugs to get out of the body. It can remain detectable for up to 30 days. Even when cannabis is detectably gone from your tissues, it still remains in all hair that you had when you last smoked. Many companies are now testing hair. Good reason to shave yo ( Full Answer )

How long does it take for a body to be picked up from a New York morgue and transferred to Maryland?

It depends on whether the transport is being sorted by a local Funeral Director or as a State Medical Examiners office process. If you've already consulted with a Funeral Director, they should easily be able to provide estimated arrival details. New York to Maryland, in many instances 'may' be fa ( Full Answer )

Will hemophilia deteriorate your body?

Hemophilia itself does not deteriorate a person's body. If left untreated, frequent bleeding into joints such as ankles, elbows and knees can lead to joint damage and cartilage deterioration. Due to the contamination of the blood supply and unsafe production methods for the hemophilia medications ( Full Answer )