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Well it depends on how long the piercing has been in place. If it's new and you had a change of heart, the piercing will close up within a few days of the jewellery being removed. However the hole in the cartilage itself will remain open for several months. Cartilage doesnt heal like skin and once it's pierced or damages it can take and extreamely long time to heal.

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Q: How fast does a cartilage piercing close up?
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Can you take out a cartridge Piercing?

There is no such piercing as a "cartridge piercing." There is, however, a cartilage piercing and they can be taken out. After you get your cartilage pierced, you need to wait 6 to 8 weeks for it to heal completely. If you decide to take it out, it will close up automatically in just a few weeks.

How fast will a labret piercing close up if taken out?

Honestly, I have had my labret piercing for about 7 months now and I took it out for about 4 hours for a class. At the end when I tried to put the piercing back in it hurt. The hole were the piercing was seemed to have tightened up. It took a few hours for my piercing to feel like it usually does. So I would guess that a labret piercing would close up kinda fast

How fast will a 5 day old tragus piercing close if jewelry is taken out?

It'll probably close up in less than an hour.

Which hurts more midcartilage piercing or your cartilage?

The more cartilage the more it will hurt. So, basically higher up the more it will hurt.

How long does it take for a cartilage ear piercing to close?

Its different for everyone. Some people can have piercings for years and have them close up in a few hours. But then again, yours may not close that quickly. If you have to take them out for work then just wear clear retainers in them.

You want to close your eyebrow piercing how do you?

If you have had the piercing long enough that it does not close up on it's own then you are really out of luck.

How fast will an ear piercing close up after only the first week?

The back hole of your ear closes up as soon as you take the ear ring off...

What is an auricle piercing?

An auricle piercing is a stud, barbell, or loop/ring piercing half way up the outer rim of your ear. Though I'm unsure if it's in the cartilage, or just the flesh.

Does a tongue piercing close up?

Yes. After a couple hours.

How can you close up an ear piercing?

I heard you could put like a lemon. or another fruit (opened up) on the opened piercing

You had your cartilage pierced for a year and 3 months will it close if you take it out for a day?

Cartilage piercings heal really slowly. Depending on how your body accepted the piercing, it shouldn't close up with just one day out after a year of having it in. There's a chance it'll hurt a little when you put it back, though, so just be sure to neosporin it up! You should be fine or one day.

How long will it take a lip piercing to fade?

The length of time you have the piercing for will be three times that period for the piercing marks to close up and disappear.

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