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comets travel around 26 miles per second to 298 miles per second.


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Halley's Comet travel at 157,838 mph which is 254,016 km/h.

It can exceed 100 000 miles per hour.

That depends on where in its orbit the comet is. Near the Sun, the comet was moving VERY fast indeed, but in 1200 years or so, a few hundred AU from the Sun, it will hardly be moving at all. And then it will begin to make its long fall back into the inner solar system.

a comet goes 45 mph in the sky

Because the comet is going so fast there looks like the comet has a tail.

It is the dust and debris flying off of the comet as it travel through space and atmospheres

How fast does a spaceship travel

i honestly think that the comet is ovel shaped so it can travel faster in sapce

yes, they travel fast.

it travels three times as fast as a comet

157,838 mph HI MOM!!!!!

It depends on how fast the comet is going.

Because of the electrons passing throughout the comet. The electrons are transfered through rays of the sun. Those rays power the comet to go as fast as they go.

about 54 km per second

because they move too fast XD;)

Yes, they travel some fast!

The comet travels in space and 12km past the moon.

a comet is much more powerful because it is incredibly fast and it's large enough to be in orbit of the sun.

the speed of a comet and the rotation is far too fast for a spacecraft to land

about as fast as light

As fast as they want to.

as fast as they possibly can!

A comet is an icy body that releases gas or dust. Most of the comets that can be seen from Earth travel around the sun in long, oval orbits.

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