Thunderstorms and Lightning

How fast does lighting travel?


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lighting travels at the speed of light

because they are a flash . like a lighting. sound goes quite fast but slower than light.

Pertty fast like fast as lighting speed

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The car Was as fast as lighting

yes, they travel fast.

what sloths move as fast as lighting

Yes, they travel some fast!

about as fast as light

As fast as they want to.

as fast as they possibly can!

bright lighting and fast sceans

It can travel very fast. Except, it matters how close it is to the sun. But for my opinion, it can travel like a bajillion mph.

As fast as your momma runs. Not very fast!

it depends on how fast you throw it

Depends how fast you throw it

As fast as a cheating bullet!

They Travel By Earths' Gravity

A fast way for penguins to travel on land is sliding on their bellies. This allows them to travel faster and farther.

lighting can happen in a split second. LITERALLY.

Speed and Velocity affects how fast waves travel.

because the atoms in solid are compact it helps sound to travel fast

bobcats travel fast,but they only go up to 57 m.p.h.

really fast man. like super fast.

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