Plate Tectonics

How fast does the plates move per year in the response to the movement in the earths mantle?


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a few cent. per year...

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Plasticity means that there is enough movement in the asthenosphere to allow thelithospheric plates to move.

QuestionThe term for the circular movement of material inside earth's mantle is convection current. This current causes the movement of the tectonic plates.

The worlds tectonic plates slide on the earths mantle.

Tectonic Plates float on top of the earths mantle, the earths mantle is made up liquid which is always circulating.

The heat from the mantle slowly moves the lithosphere,the upper mantle and crust, around and the plates shift. It's all with cinvection and sliding.

The movement of the hot mantle has broken the crust apart into large plates.

Moving plates in the earths mantle.

The mantle, being of a silly-putty-like consistancy, is responsible for the movement of the plates on earth's crust, or plate tectonics.

Lower mantle is the surface on which the lithospheric plates move around earths surface.

Convection processes in the mantle.

the convection currents in the mantle under the earths curst is moving the broken plates in earths lithosphere causing the plates slide across the lithosphere. this process is called tectonics. (jon lay wrote this,)

Because the core is heating up the mantle so a convection current occurs inside the mantle, moving the floating plates

the movement of earths plates or crust

Convection currents in the mantle are what causes tectonic plates to move. Uneven heating of the mantle results from radioactive decay of some long-lived isotopes in the mantle, which are not evenly distributed.

yes, it does have connection of the earths plates because when two plates go together it burst water under the ocean

It is the convectional movement in the mantle.

It is the convection on the liquid outer core/  and semi fluid mantle that is responsible for the movement of plates.

The Italian earth quake was most probably caused by the movement of the Eurasian and African tectonic plates. Convection currents in the earths mantle cause these plates to move which in turn causes stresses at the plate boundaries. When these stresses are released the movement is very sudden. This is the movement said to be an earthquake.

The category you put this question in gives you the answer: earthquakes. They are caused by seismic waves, which are caused by convection currents in the earth's mantle.

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