How fast is 7GB broadband line?

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this is VERY fast, i have it on my home computer now and you click to change pages and **boom** your there! if you are debating about getting i personally would recommend it!!!
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What is a Differences between Lease Line and Broadband?

Answer . Typically, a lease line is a telephone line that has been given dedicated connections between to points, so that the connection is never broken. To handle large volumes of data, a telephone company will take 24 pairs of wires, each representing a single residential service line, and com ( Full Answer )

How do you get fast at line dancing?

All good advice. Here is my take. Yes you can dance it faster than it actually is but how do you know what music is faster? You have to get good at it slowly before you can get faster. So as the last person suggested you have to Practice. One great tool to get the music is " The line Dance CD" ( Full Answer )

If your router broadband line light is flashing amber does this mean the line is not yet ready for broadband?

You need to check what the 'broadband light' means. If it means synchronisation then it means that the ADSL (asuming its adsl) signal is not getting to the router. This could be that its not live yet, theres a problem with the line, theres a problem with the filter or wiring etc. If the 'broadband l ( Full Answer )

Bus line named after a fast dog?

Greyhound Bus Line was founded in 1914 and serves 3,800 NorthAmerican destinations. The Greyhound is a breed of English dogwhich can reach speeds of up to 39 miles per hour.

How can you get broadband?

Depends where you are for age and do you have BB in your area? Its a contract, Sometimes through the phone line aslong as its a PSTN line (i think).

What is the difference between the Digital Subscriber Line broadband and Dial up?

Digital Subscriber Line broadband is a whole world of difference from Dial-up! Ok so dial up is transmitting tones & data over a phone line, its slow and typical speeds are less than 1mb... so you cant really watch YouTube! DSL broadband is an "always on" dedicated internet line, and allows much ( Full Answer )

How fast is broadband?

Broadband can be either cable or DSL, depending on the area in which you live. The speeds can vary greatly, but you can be assured it will be much faster than dial-up.

How fast is a T1 line?

T1 is symmetrical connection, allowing for downloads and uploads of up to 1.5 Mbps - 30 times as fast as 56k dial-up. A single T1 connection can support dozens to hundreds of users, but speed and efficiency drops as more people use it simultaneously.

How fast does your broadband need to be to game on line?

\nto go on xbox live and play a game the fastest it needs to be is about 1mb but to work best it can be about 2mb ,but it also depends on the game like halo 3 needs a fast internet but gta doesn't need need a fast internet

Does Broadband Internet Access mean that you can surf the web really fast?

In the past, broadband referred to any Internet connection that was over 256 Kbps (kilobits per second) -- that is about 4 to 5 times faster than the best dial-up, which is limited to only 56 Kbps. In July of 2010, the FCC redefined what it considers basic broadband as any connection with at leas ( Full Answer )

What does Bella say after the line You are impossibly fast and strong?

'Your skin is pale white and ice cold, your eyes change colour, and sometimes you speak like your from another time. You never eat or drink anything, you don't go out in the sunlight... How old are you? ' However this isn't from the book, this is just from the movie, in the book she discovers and di ( Full Answer )

How fast 512-128k for broadband connection?

A broadband connection of 512k-128k is not very fast by modernstandards. It is sufficient for surfing the Internet and sendingemail, but it is too slow for all but the lowest video streaming.

Why is the 8g ipod touch only 7gb?

Pre loaded apps are already installed taking up space, the 8G only means the capacity of the memory chip, not how much space you have available. for example, i bought the 3rd Generation 64G i pod touch, it only had 58G when i turned it on.

How can you receive an active phone line through broadband?

The best thing to do is to set up a wireless router at your downstairs point and then access the Internet anywhere in the house from that. Presuming you have a laptop that has wireless access. Then you don't need to worry about the line going upstairs. Your PC at the point of access can still access ( Full Answer )

How fast is a 1MB broadband line?

This would allow for a maximum speed of 1 Megabit per second. It will therefore take: 8 seconds to download 1 Megabyte. 839 seconds to download 100 Megabytes. 1074 seconds to download 1 Gigabyte. These calculations are true IF the line is working at full speed. Sometimes you will not get ( Full Answer )

Difference between broadband and dsl lines?

Broadband is any connection above a certain speed (I think around 700 kbps), while DSL is a specific way of providing broadband. DSL is broadband over telephone wires. For households, the primary alternatives to DSL are broadband over cable (from a cable TV provider) or wireless broadband over a ce ( Full Answer )

How many songs can 7gb hold?

Most songs are about 4MB when downloaded. So 250 songs per GB, 7x250 = 1750 songs. This of course is an estimate.

How fast is a drag-line speed?

The speed of a drag-line might me unable to know because of all of the add-ons you can add on it and the speed might allways increase and decrease.

What is broadband DSL?

DSL(Digital Subscriber Line) is a broadband Internet connectionthat uses the wires of a telephone network to deliver a high-speedInternet signal.

How long do 7GB torrents take to download?

That depends on the speed of your internet connection and the health of the torrent. If you see that you are getting a constant speed on the torrent, you can calculate in Google the amount of time. So if you are getting an average download speed of 100kBps (bittorrent clients show speeds in By ( Full Answer )

You currently have land line broadband for your PC upstairs but would like to know if its possible to modify it for wireless for your PC and Laptop which are downstairs?

No, you will have to buy a wireless router, they are nor very expensive and also buy a USB wireless dongle for your computer (if it's not already wireless) and depending on the age of your laptop; if it's modern it will more than likely have wireless built in, if not you will have to buy a wireless ( Full Answer )

Is broadband or wireless broadband faster?

There's no definite yes or no answer to this question. It depends on your device, peripherals or accessories, the service provider, and your location.

What is disadvantages to broadband over power line?

Please be informed that a Powerline is a device that converts Internet connection into an electric signal for it to be transmitted through a wire. So, if you house uses different wirings for each room or each place inside your house, then there is no way that a Powerline connection will work on your ( Full Answer )

How fast is broadband in New Zealand?

the broadband speed is very slow and unreliable. the government is planning to increase the speeds but it will take a lot of time. hope this helps :)

How fast for lineing a tattoo?

Depends on many factors... For starters how big the tattoo is & how detailed the tattoo is. the location on the body as well as some areas are much harder to work on than others. Also depends on how well the customer is sitting and the quality of their skin. It's like saying 'how long is a piece of ( Full Answer )

How fast can you run lipids into a peripheral line?

Tough question, lipids are isotonic, they can be delivered by both PICC, or other central venus line, and by peripheral line. I have found this information: According to Intravenous infusion therapy for nurses: principles & practice by Dianne L. Josephson: The usual dosage of parenteral lipids sho ( Full Answer )

Why do poets write short fast lines in a poem?

It is to suit and synchronise with rhyme, rhythm and tune that poets write short fast lines in a poem. Moreover, that way they can pack up and send away more ideas, imageries and notions in a single poem. The best example is Shelly's To A Skylark.

How fast is 2 megs of broadband?

It could be any where between a few minutes to a few hours depending on the bandwidth of your connection.

Is orange broadband the fastest broadband?

Orange broadband is not the fastest broadband offered. That honor goes to O2. Orange broadband just so happens to be the slowest broadband when compared to others.

Is broadband internet service fast?

"Yes and no. It depends on the service and the conncetion speed. Broadband internet service delivers data at a high speed, faster than any other service."

Is it possible to get broadband without a phone line?

Yes. The only time you need a phone line to get broadband Internet is if you choose DSL. You may want to look into cable Internet through your local cable company. If you can not get cable Internet in your area, you can get satellite Internet connections through companies such as WildBlue (ViaSat), ( Full Answer )

Does Pipex really give customers fast broadband?

The former Pipex, now Talk Talk Business, offers quality speed broadband at a portion of the cost. The company launched in 2007, and has been steadily growing since.

How fast is UK Broadband wireless internet?

The speed of an individual broadband wireless internet connection in the UK depends on the hardware provided for supporting the connection, as well as the internet package selected that serves the connection. If one is willing to invest in the necessary hardware and plans, one can get download spee ( Full Answer )

Where can one check how fast their broadband is?

Speedtest is a well known service that checks a person's broadband speed. It is based on a simple download and upload of a 100MB file to and from the user's computer. For best results the user should choose a Speedtest server that is the closest to them.

How fast is a TTNET Kota line?

The TTNET Kota line is very fast. One using this internet service will experience very fast internet and have should have little to no problems with internet slowness.

What is the most reliable broadband line?

There are various reliable broadband services available. The providers that are available can vary based on your location and current plan availability .

Which companies offer broadband phone lines?

The following companies offer broadband phone lines: Direct Save, EE, Plusnet, Primus, Sky, Talk Talk, Tesco Broadband, BT, John Lewis Broadband, Virgin broadband, to name a few.

What is the main advantage disadvantage of a satellite broadband Internet connection compared to a regular fixed line broadband connection?

Satellite Broadband has a 3 to 6 second delay, you would noticemost in multiplayer games (unplayable) or "Skype" type video"meetings"(huge lag in the conversations). It doesn't have near thespeeds that most low end DSL/cable broadband has. It also costs waymore to install and the monthly billing is ( Full Answer )