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How fast is a Cr125 2stroke?

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I have got my 01 CR125 up to the high 80's and sometimes lower 90's, i tested by driving beside a bike with a speedometer and also driving beside a pickup on a dirt road.

Yes this guy is very accurate. My CR has a FMF Rev pipe. I raced myfriendon his kx 125 and I beat him every time! He said the spedometer stopped moving at 93 mph.

(This means I was probably doing about 95 mph) But the wind was in our favor!

2010-10-18 03:14:28
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How fast does a Honda CR125 go?

With stock gearing 63 mph

How fast does a CR125 go?

stock gearing around 63 mph

Is a crf150r faster then a cr125?

i think it is not as fast but not by to much 5 mph more

How fast is a 1992 Honda cr125?

Approx. 55mph to 65mph. is the top speed of this gadget.

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How fast does a 2001 2stroke kawasaki kx 60 dirt bike go?

30 mph - 40 mph

How fast is a 500 banshee?

just get a 350 2stroke banshee it always goes ova 100 unlike the gay 500

How many gears in a 99 Honda CR125?

A Honda CR125 has a 5 speed gearbox.

How much is a 1994 Honda Cr125 worth?

How much is a 1994 Honda Cr125 worth?

How fast will a 1986 Honda 250?

if it is a 2stroke it can go like 90+ depending on the condition of the bike. if its a 4stroke it can go about 80 on the road

Will a 1994 CR125 radiator fit onto a 1996 CR125 are they compatible?

yes, it should bolt right in.

How fast does a yz 80 2stroke go?

I have a 01 Yamaha yz80 it went 55 to 60 without performance parts and. I got it to go 70mph with performance parts!!! Fast enough to scare you.

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Does a 01 cr125 exhaust fit a 03 cr125?

I have a stock 05 pipe on my 01 Cr125. The guy at tg he Honda shop said the 05 will fit an 03 so im pretty sure it will

How do you adjust carb on 97 Polaris 400 4x4 2stroke?

Adjust carb on 400 Polaris 4x4 2stroke

How tall is a cr125?

about 3 feet

Will 1985 CR125 Cylinder Head fit a 1983 CR125?

Yes I have one on mine. A smaller Squish band and a little more compression too.

Would a 2stroke engine fit in a 4stroke bike?

yes if you are change the hole motor out of 4sroke and going to put a 2stroke motor in it then yes. have a good one

How many gears does a 1992 cr125 have?

there are 5 gears

How much is a 1995 cr125 worth? or

Hole in crankcase on blaster?

haha same on my cr125

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Will someone buy mine 2002 Honda CR125?

"yeah i would buy it what condition is it in" : It is a 2002 Honda CR125. It is in great condition and is very fast and has many aftermarket parts. I'm looking to get $2100 for it. : You can see it on the webpage here : If you are interested send me an email. My email is on the webpage I linked to above.

How much gas does a 1999 Honda cr125 hold?

The stock gas tank for a 1999 cr125 has a capacity of 3.1 gallons. There is an upgraded tank available that has a 3.5 gallon capacity.

How much oil does a cr125 hold?

a little under a quart