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How fast is a Harley Davidson 883?


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April 26, 2009 10:42AM

* As standard; on a par with a 1200. (Top speed of around 120mph) * Re-bored as an 1125; considerably faster than a 1200 (Top speed of around 150mph) * Re-bored, Dyno-Jetted, Ported, Hyper-charged, Nirtous injected, with water atomiser, pre / post-igniters, high-lift cams & after-burner; You're talking about a machine that can do the standing quarter mile in six seconds and has a top-speed too great for most test-tracks! Accelleration wise, the engine capacity is irrelevant. Accelleration is dependant on gear ratios. But then Harleys' really aren't built for high speed. No cruising bike is! Doing more than 90mph without a fairing becomes a fight to hang on to the handlebars!