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  • A baby's heartbeat can range usually anywhere from 120-160 during your pregnancy. It can fluctuate constantly. The time that they can predict what the sex of the baby is in only when you are in labor and hooked up to the monitor to track the baby's heart rate. It is at this time that the lower numbers (under 140) are usually a boy, and the higher (over 140) are usually a girl.

  • Sounds about right. Ours was 140 this week (32 weeks); we've been told two versions of an "old wives' tale": One says 140=boy and the other says 140=girl. Guess we'll have to wait until the birth!!

  • I'm 32 weeks' and 5 days' pregnant with b/g twins; as of today, the girl was 143 beats per minute and the boy was 130. The doctor said both were in the normal range.
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Q: How fast is a normal baby's heartbeat?
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