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The world's current growth rate is 1.3%, representing a doubleing time of 54 years. Expect the world's population of approximately 6 billion to become 12 billion by 2054.

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Are are the characteristics of a large fast growing population?

Lower human development rankings

What are the characteristics of a country with a large fast growing population?

lower human development ranking

What countries have a fast growing population?

Uganda has the fastest growing population.

Which of the following is a characteristic of a country with a large fast -growing population?

Lower human development ratings

How fast is the Hispanic population growing?

very fast.

What kind of growth is the human population in?

Human population is growing exponentially.

How fast is the population of the United States growing?


How is human population growing?

mainly reproduction.

Why the urban population growing so fast?

urban population is growing so fast because here so many facilities of schools ,hospitals ,etc. are providing to us.

Is the human population on the earth growing exponentially?


The human population on Earth is currently growing?


What is the rate of population?

The world's human population is growing by 250 000 a day.

How does each impact caused by the current growth rate of humans affect the environment?

The human population is growing at a fast rate. This will adversely affect the natural resources.

Why central Asia has big cities?

because it has a fast growing population

In countries like India the human population is growing what?


In countries like India the human population is growing?


Where is the human population growing in South America?

Urban areas

How fast does the population go up?

The U.S. population is growing by about 2.5 million people each year.

How fast is china's population growing?

Slowly....compared to 30 years ago.

Why is the human population still growing exponentially?

There are enough resources for each new member of the population to use.

Why did Imperial China expand?

because they were running out of farming land and their population was growing to fast.

Why is Dhaka Bangladesh a fast growing city?

fertility high, so population high

Does the growing human population often leads to pollution of Earth's water.?


Which is a reason the human population is growing exponentially?

The human population is growing exponentially because of the nature of humanity and the increased production of food. The growth is supported by enough food at this time although this may change in the long term.

What caused Australias population to soar in 1851?

What happened is that in 1851 Australia's industrial's , where growing fast which made them have a big population