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the original AH-1 Cobra flew at 170 mph

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How fast does a military helicopter fly?

Depends on the purpose and make of the helicopter.

The AH-1W Super Cobra is an attack helicopter used mainly by what US military service?

The SUPER Cobra (two engines instead of one) is a "post" Vietnam helicopter used by the USMC because it was cheaper to buy than the newe APACHE attack helicopter.

How much does a Cobra attack helicopter cost?

AH-1W Super Cobra HelicopterCost $10,700,000.00

What is the average speed for a helicopter?

For a fairly new helicopter, around 120 knots. Around 150 mph, except for fast military helicopters.

What was the need for the AH-1 Cobra Attack Helicopter?

The US Marines needed fast, armoured helicopters capable of heavy hitting.

Can a helicopter fly as fast as a plane?

A fast aeroplane will be faster than any helicopter, but a fast helicopter can be faster than a slow aeroplane.

When was the cobra attack helicopter invented?

The AH-1 Cobra was first fielded in South Vietnam in 1966.

Does a king cobra have a fast or slow strike?

a king cobra has a very fast strike

What was the most used helicopter in Vietnam?

The UH-1 Iroquois (Huey). Most used gunship helicopter was the AH-1 Cobra. UH=Utility Helicopter AH=Attack Helicopter

What is the role of the Chinook helicopter?

It is a military heavy cargo helicopter

How fast does a military helicopter go?

The fastest are attack helicopters like Apache, they mostly fly about 230 -250 mph.

What is the cruising speed of cobra helicopter?

Cruising speed is about 150 mph.

What awas the need for the cobra attack helicopter?

The Cobra was invented because the Huey was too slow and couldn't carry enough firepower

Can a cobra helicopter break the sound barrier?

No helicopters can break the sound barrier. The fastest speed achieved be a helicopter is 249 mph.

How fast do the blades on a helicopter?

it depends how fast its going

What type of engine did the cobra helicopter use?

The Bell AH-1 Cobra had a Lycoming T-53- L13 Turboshaft of 1,100 hp

What is the brand of toy helicopter that is controlled by an Ipod?

The brand you are looking for is called iHelicopter. They carry a wide variety of helicopters as well as cobra helicopters which are military copters that do actually shoot small missiles.

How fast can a cobra go?

it can go as fast as a mustang can go

How can you get the cobra attack helicopter in warcraft 3?

It's a mod you need to download it from the hivewrkshop

How do you get a helicopter in Grand Theft Auto?

You go to the airport by the military base to find a helicopter.

What is the name of an attack helicopter?

AH-1 Cobra; the worlds first designed, built, and fielded in battle attack helicopter in 1966 (Vietnam War).

What is the helicopter called that the marines use?

The Marines use many helicopters. Their most common helicopter is probably the AH-1 W Super Cobra

What was the first helicopter desined for military service?

There is no easy answer for that, but the first helicopter in large production for any military was Igor Sikorski's R4 in 1944

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